Sweet Notions Right at Your Neighbourhood Supermarket, Vol. 002 – Chocolate Cranberry Danish Twists

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Sometimes you don’t have to amble very far to find some of your favourite foods and snacks.  Sometimes, they’re even sitting pretty right under your nose.  Take the giant raspberry and pistachio macarons from Metro supermarket, for example.  Accessible (with numerous locations in both urban and suburban parts of the city), inexpensive (only $1.59 for a macaron the size of a hockey puck!), and quite delicious! 

We know the selection may not be large and we know the independent bakeries and patisseries have amazing flavours you just can’t get anywhere else (and, let’s face it, the “authentic” macaron in its true form exists in the patisseries), but we can’t forget that everyone’s financial situations are different and that people’s access to food and choices are, in large part, limited and determined by where they live and their access to transportation.  We get so caught up in finding the latest and greatest from independent shops that, at times, we forget that our neighbourhood supermarkets house some pretty great stuff too. 

I’m so excited to be posting about this newfound pastry love of mine because it’s truly a gem: the chocolate cranberry danish twist from Sobeys!  At $0.99 it’s the gift that keeps on giving.  After falling in love with the recipe for cranberry chocolate chip cookies from my Food & Wine magazine (and using it religiously to build on my other cookie recipes), I realized just how wonderfully fabulous cranberries are with chocolate.  The chocolate cranberry combination is like an untapped gold mine waiting to be discovered by more people.  I love cranberries – and cranberry juice – the way people love bacon and I often wish more places used cranberries in their pastries and baked goods.  I always have dried ones on hand to use for yogurt parfaits and for any cookie recipes I come up with, but we can all agree that it’s one of the lonelier fruits in the dessert world compared to lemons, apples, raspberries, and bananas.

This chocolate cranberry danish twist is delicious and truly one of the yummiest pastries I’ve had.  It’s buttery, it’s juicy, it’s sweet, it’s tart, it’s fudgy – it’s all-around fantastic.  And it is so worth it.  The danish twist is fairly long (a little longer than 6 inches) and big and it’s STUFFED with juicy, tart cranberries and a truckload of bittersweet chocolate chips.  Just look at the interior shots!  The exterior has a beautiful golden brown colour and buttery flakiness to it while the inside is soft and custard-like.  This pastry came from the Markham Sobeys location and while I’m not 100% sure if every location in the city has this danish twist, I encourage everyone to take a look see to find out.  Because it’s a life-changer.


Sobeys serves 15 locations in Toronto and a number of others across the GTAi in Markham, Vaughan, and beyond.  Click HERE to find your nearest location.

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