April Showers Bring Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Easter Sweets, and an Earth Day Farmers’ Market & Vegan Food Fair!

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Sweet Easter treats, National Grilled Cheese Month, a vegan food fair, and a month-long fundraising event in support of The Stop Community Food Centre – well, April is looking like one very foodielicious month!  While I was really hoping Veggielicious would be returning for a second round this spring, it doesn’t look as though it’ll be taking place until later on in the year (if at all) so I have my sights and stomach set on a number of other spring food events that I’m just as excited about! 

First off, April is National Grilled Cheese Month!  I didn’t even know such an occasion existed until I saw a special Cheesewerks ad promoting it in the current spring issue of CityBites magazine.  A whole month devoted to cheese and grilled cheese?!  OH.MY.GOD.  One of my favourite breakfast indulgences during university and grad school was to go to one of the best places on campus, Blueberry Hill, for an order of over easy eggs and toast and a foodgasmic cheddar grilled cheese.  It was all sorts of heaven in my mouth and belly.  I love grilled cheese but don’t eat it often enough to satiate my cravings, so this month is as good a time as any to go a little grilled cheese crazy. 

Cheesewerks, located at Bathurst and Wellington, is spearheading this month of toasty, ooey gooey cheesy goodness with an entire month of promotions, new menu items, and lunch specials which everyone can keep up with on their official website and on their Twitter @CHEESEWERKS.  For other delicious grilled cheeses, you can check out the Leslieville Cheese Market on Queen Street East (pictured above), Grilled Cheese in Kensington Market, and Cool Hand Luc on King Street West just to name a few!  The crunchy, melty grilled cheese and veggie sandwich you see up top is courtesy of T&T Bakery & Cafe on Main Street Markham, one of my favourite places in my neck of the woods.  I am so looking forward to going to Cheesewerks and the Leslieville Cheese Market sometime this month (hopefully!), and I would love to check out other sandwich spots to see what other grilled cheese gems I can find.  Feel free to share your favourite grilled cheese experiences and stories! 

April also marks The Stop Community Food Centre’s Stop For Food fundraising event and initiative taking place during the entire month of April at 20 different restaurants across the city.  Stop by any of the participating restaurants (the list can be viewed here), add $5 to the total of your dinner bill (or lunch bill at the Drake Hotel, pictured above), and know that the additional $5 will raise money for The Stop’s drop-in and hunger-fighting food programs. 

In addition, April wouldn’t be April without an Earth Day celebration!  Evergreen Brick Works will be holding a special Earth Day farmers’ market on Saturday, April 21st as well as a vegan food fair!  What you see below are vegan sweet potato doughnut holes tossed in maple sugar by Toronto’s LPK Culinary Groove from a previous market!  I am so excited about this market and food fair, especially considering how I haven’t been back to the Brick Works since last fall.  And it just so happens that Cafe Belong at EBW is a participating restaurant in The Stop’s Stop For Food event, so it’s a great tie-in and a great way for Cafe Belong to do what they always strive to do: showcase some of Ontario’s tastiest, local seasonal ingredients that are at the peak of their freshness.  Earth Day and fundraising all rolled into one!

Here on Ate by Ate, I’ll be promoting the *NEW* Oreo Anniversary Series throughout the month and beyond, as well as the new Sushi Lunch Special series!  There’s so much to look forward to in the coming weeks including more supper clubs and food events at The Depanneur, more farmers’ markets waiting in the wings (the Lunchtime Office Markets just might be making their into Liberty Village!  Fingers crossed), and LOTS of Easter fun including Easter brunches and a sweet Easter dessert tour around Kensington Market!  For a full listing of April’s food events, check out the Food Calendar up on the main menu bar.

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