The Oreo Anniversary Series! Crushed Oreo Cookie Frosting & Marble Cake Cupcakes at Flour Studio, Part II


Happy first day of April and official month of spring, everyone!  I know I had this post planned for yesterday, but it had to wait until today because I spent many an hour compiling events and writing up the April Food Calendar and all of its brothers and sisters last night!  That, and enjoying a fun spring day out with my mum in the city where we frollicked around eating delicious food.  Yesterday marked the last day of free YRT/VIVA bus service in my area and there was no way I was going to let the day come and go without taking advantage of the last day I would most likely ever experience free bus service during the course of my life.  The two months of free bus riding in York Region (to make up for the 3-month transit strike) was wonderful and I am so sad that it’s over.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much the free service in my area has helped me, both financially and socially.  And by socially, I mean with the blog.  So I am not only bidding farewell to the month of March, but also to the days of not having to sticking bus tickets into machines and buses.  Sigh.

Part II of Friday’s Flour Studio cupcake post is here though and it’s time to look forward, toss the confetti, and introduce the first official Oreo post in the brand spankin’ new Oreo Anniversary Series!  Since my celebratory post marking Oreo’s 100th birthday during the first week of March, I’ve been busily researching Oreo desserts in the city, compiling ideas for this new series, and coming up with some fun Oreo related recipes.  I have a delicious new cookie recipe to share with all of you later on this week and plenty of Oreo delights I plan on dishing out throughout the rest of the year including different styles of Oreo cupcakes, Oreo sundaes, cheesecakes, crepes, and so much more.  It’s going to be so much fun seeing how different bakeries and dessert shops use Oreos in some of their products and how they interpret the iconic Oreo in their usage.

First up: the Oreo cupcake from Flour Studio!  I know it may seem like an Oreo is just an Oreo when it comes to cupcakes, but it’s fascinating to see how and where the Oreo is used.  Is it used in the cake?  In the frosting?  In both?  How about crushing, crumbling, or using the cookie as a whole?  There are so many ways to go about it and Flour Studio’s Oreo cupcake is especially fabulous and delicious.  And lucky for us, it’s a permanent everyday menu item!  The Oreo cupcake falls under the “Signature” flavour price point at $3 (cupcakes such as the vanilla and chocolate squared are priced at $2.50 in the “Originals” category) and I’m telling you, if it didn’t live up to its $3 price point, I wouldn’t be posting it here.  But it does because I am.

This Oreo cupcake is delicious in so many ways.  For one, the entire tops of the cupcakes are frosted in a layer of vanilla Oreo cream frosting and then dunked into a pool of crushed Oreo cookies.  Not chunky pieces, not crumbs – we’re talking about a mosaic of crushed Oreo goodness on a frosted cupcake top!  It is heavenly delightful.  So delightful that when I offered my boyfriend a bite, he ran back into Flour Studio to purchase one himself.  We probably looked like cupcake idiots running back and forth, toting our cupcake baggies, crouching down to take photos (just me, not him) with people and cars passing by, inhaling our cupcakes, and devouring the remaining crumbs from our fingers in the middle of the sidewalk.  But I don’t care.  Because yummy cupcakes make the world go round.

In addition to the wonderful Oreo cupcake top, the cake itself is top-notch: it’s marble cake!  The cake is a soft, incredibly moist marble of vanilla and chocolate and it is one of the lightest, airiest cupcake bases you will ever sink your sweet teeth in.  The vanilla, fudgy cocoa cake melts in your mouth and it is light as air.  The cake complements the Oreo top so well because it doesn’t overshadow or overwhelm the Oreo.  The Oreo top is allowed to shine and the textures and flavours balance each other out.  Oreo cookies already come with their own sweetness so to make the cake extra sweet would be overkill.  They don’t compete with one another and that’s a good thing because you get to enjoy the Oreo aspect for what it is.  You get the whole cupcake package: a sweet thin layer of creamy frosting that tastes exactly like the middle of an Oreo, the crumbly, crunchy cookie bits, and softness of the cake.

I also really appreciated how Flour Studio carefully thought about the Oreo flavours and aesthetic of it.  Vanilla and chocolate are what Oreos are all about it so to make the cupcake a marble one makes so much sense, not to mention how pretty it makes the cupcake!  There aren’t a lot of marble cupcakes in the cupcake shops in the city so this was a really nice treat.

I haven’t made my official post and launch yet, but I’m planning on holding an “Oreo birthday party” of sorts on the blog throughout the year to celebrate Oreo’s milestone 100th birthday and this involves all of YOU!  In case you didn’t catch it in my Oreo’s birthday post, I’ll be having guest contributors and posts by fellow foodies and bloggers send in their Oreo dessert recipes and photos to be posted on Ate by Ate in honour of the occasion!  If you’re interested in contributing, just send me an e-mail at perky_peach [AT] hotmail [DOT] com.  I’ll have a special banner/button for everyone to post on their blog and it’ll be such a fun way for us to get to know one another and to meet fellow food bloggers!  Happy Oreo-ing!


Flour Studio is located at 883 Eglinton Ave. West, about a block west of Bathurst St.  They are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays (appointments are exceptional), and are open from 10am-6pm Wednesday-Saturday and from 1oam-3pm on Sundays.  In addition to cupcakes, the shop sells baking accessories, cupcake themed items, stationery, and giftware.

5 thoughts on “The Oreo Anniversary Series! Crushed Oreo Cookie Frosting & Marble Cake Cupcakes at Flour Studio, Part II

    • They are SO yummy! Definitely one of the better Oreo cupcakes in town! I love Oreos but it’s hard to come by the more unique flavours, all I ever see are the regular ones and the golden ones. Which is fine, but I like variety and having access to different stuff. I want to try the mint Oreo cookies, ahhh. Are Oreos hard to find in Ireland?

  1. I have been following your cupcake posts and love the passion you have for the subject. I personally started sampling and reviewing (mostly for myself and for a post on another blog under “Children’s birthdays) a few months ago. I know it sounds disgusting, and sometimes I cant believe it, but I have tried over 20 bakeries cupcakes in Toronto.
    I recently tried FlourStudio due to rave reviews and yours. My experience has cemented something I already knew. My taste in cupcakes, mainly the icing, is different than yours and perhaps the majority of cupcake lovers in Toronto. I much prefer a light creamy Swiss Meringue buttercream and consider the Wedding Cake Shoppe, Bobbette&Belle and the Dessert Lady among the best cupcakes in town. There are a few others who do this type of icing but most do an American style frosting or buttercream which mainly consists of icing sugar, milk, butter/shortening and flavoring like vanilla. This is the FlourStudio icing, Yummy Stuff, Short and Sweet, Prarie Girl and most others. I find this icing too sweet, gritty and sometimes forms a crust. I often love the cake part of the cupcake but am disappointed by the icing. This kind makes me feel kind of nauseous and I can’t finish the cupcake and don’t want anymore. Bakes&Goods is the only place without a Swiss Meringue who dont have a too sweet icing thats creamy and light.
    The only good vegan cupcake I’ve ever had is Sweets From The Earth. The icing is too sweet but the chocolate cake is amazing, moist and tasty.
    I bought 7 from Flour and have 4 frozen right now. My boyfriend I tasted the oreo and yes, the cake part is good. The topping is ok- it’s oreos. Yay. We tried a chocolate with strawberry icing. Cake was ok, no complaints but no raves either. The icing sickeningly sweet, grainy with a crunch and mouth feel. Tastes like strawberry which is nice but just wish it was smoother&less sweet. The red velvet was ok. The caramel with chocolate icing once again had a decent cake. It had a lot of potential and instead of the typical salted caramel icing, this had it in the cake. The icing though was thick, dark and fudgy. It just wasn’t for me and I couldnt ear more than a few bites and then felt nauseous.
    I have to say the service is good, the retail store nice (no eat in area or coffee/tea, etc.,) and its busy. People obviously like this shop and they do a steady cake and cupcake business. I wiah them continued success and although its not for me, I would suggest them to frosting or sugar lovers.
    Thanks for the cupcake posts.

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