Spring Pastels and Sprinkles Abound – Cupcakes & Cakes at The Wedding Cake Shoppe, Part I


With balmy spring weather hitting the city and Easter just around the corner, everything is looking brighter, fresher, and happier and that sentiment certainly includes cupcakes and cupcake shop storefronts!  The cupcake shop tour continues on Ate by Ate and with a new season upon us (and Oreo’s year-long birthday party!), I think things are going to get even more delicious and aesthetically beautiful in the next few months.  I have admired The Wedding Cake Shoppe’s menu of cupcakes from afar for so long and I have spent many an hour daydreaming about which cupcake flavours I would love to devour the most (for starters, the green tea, the spicy chai latte, and the cappuccino), not to mention using their cupcake flavours as inspiration for new and upcoming series on the blog.  Before my first visit, I thought a lot about these cupcakes.  To the point where I was mentally putting together half dozen boxes in my head.  It was bad. 

When I first found out about the shop months and months ago, I wasn’t sure how large the cupcake selection would be, or whether or not the cupcakes would be accessible to the public on a drop-in sort of basis.  Would they have more than the usual vanilla and chocolate options?  Would I be able to pop in to just buy one?  Or was it the type of business that was solely devoted to catering and big bulk orders?  After all, the shop was named The Wedding Cake Shoppe for a reason!  I had faced situations in the past where I was so sure I had hit pay dirt with a new bakery discovery only to find out that, well, cupcakes really weren’t all that present and that I would have absolutely no material to photograph or write about.  Or that individual cupcakes weren’t for sale and that the minimum purchase had to be dozen.  Which is fine – just not during the times I only feel like one. 

After doing a quick search online, all my questions were answered and all my reservations were blown out the window.  I was gobsmacked to find out they had even more flavours than some of the cupcake exclusive bakeries in town!  And that I could go walk in and pick out a cupcake at my leisure!  This visit was a long time coming  and it was everything I could have hoped for.  I left feeling even more inspired than before and with so much more appreciation for the artistry and chemistry, even, behind cakes and pastry in general.  Visiting cupcakeries around the city is just as much a treat for the eyes as it is for the stomach and The Wedding Cake Shoppe is beautiful inside and out.  I’m excited to share my full write-up with you all tomorrow and all the sweet and delicious goods.  Here is a photo spotlight and the first part of my two-part series on The Wedding Cake Shoppe!


The Wedding Cake Shoppe is located at 859 College Street, just west of Ossington Ave.  They are open 6 days a week (closed on Tuesdays) and their weekday hours are from 11am-7pm, weekend hours from 11am-5pm.  You can check out their official website here, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

6 thoughts on “Spring Pastels and Sprinkles Abound – Cupcakes & Cakes at The Wedding Cake Shoppe, Part I

    • I know, the cakes and cupcakes are so gorgeous and I love looking at them to get inspiration for future scrapbook layouts. Bakeries like these are awesome for that! And ahh, someday I must visit the cupcakeries and bakeries in Ireland and have a cupcake with you ^_^

  1. I love this place!! I remember trying a bunch of flavours when I visited with a friend and they were all amazing, plus the girls that worked there were very helpful. Excited to read about what you tried 🙂

    • Yay for cupcake parties!! 😀 Which cupcakes did you try, do you remember? And for sure, Cindy was so super awesome when I went and we talked for awhile and you end up learning so much. I definitely need to make more trips here. I love the space because it’s so beautiful and open and I get to sit down and enjoy my treats!

    • Hi Sierralei, thanks so much for visiting and leaving me a message! And YES, I love the pink and gold cupcakes too! I know a lot of people say they prefer silver over gold, but I’m a big fan of gold sparkles and frosted gold finishes and I think it’s such a versatile shade to work with. Holding one of these makes you feel like you’re holding treasure, haha.

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