Vegetarian Sandwich Series – Wishful Thinking of Portobellos and Honey-Nut Bread at Sky Blue Sky Sandwiches!


It’s about time I made it to Sky Blue Sky Sandwiches!  I’ve been meaning to do a post on them for the Vegetarian Sandwich Series for months now (months is actually an understatement – I’d say it’s been a good year!) and I’m thrilled that I got the chance to sink my teeth into one of their delicious veggie sandwiches.  The Vegetarian Sandwich Series was the very first special series I thought of and started on Ate by Ate back in June of 2011 and it was entirely inspired by my vegetarian friend, Wini, who wanted to know where the best vegetarian sandwiches in the city were hiding.  Since I started the series, I’ve been on the hunt for the yummiest sandwiches, the joints with the best selection, and the hidden gems and surprises and I’ve found some amazing eats! 

Even though I’ve barely knicked the surface (if I posted everything on my “behind the scenes” ongoing list all at once, there wouldn’t be anything to post 3 years from now!), I’m glad that Sky Blue Sky Sandwiches has finally made its way to the blog because it’s been on my hit list for so long.  A vegetarian sandwich series just without be complete without the sandwich cafe in town with half a menu of veggie sandwiches!


Located on Bloor Street West bordering the Annex, Mirvish Village, and Koreatown, Sky Blue Sky Sandwiches is the all mighty soup and sandwich cafe with over 20 sandwich choices on their sandwich menu!  With picnic, diner friendly red and white checkered tablecloths and cute sandwich names to boot, this is the perfect place for sandwich fanatics (think Joey from FRIENDS), deli lovers, casual diners, diners on a budget ($4-$5 sandwiches!), carnivores, and herbivores alike.  Their menu has so much variety and selection that when you read through it, you’ll be thinking, “oh my goodness, which sandwich do I love and want more?” as opposed to, “hmm, so, what are my choices?”  Knowing I wanted a veggie sandwich clearly wasn’t good enough when I had 10 choices to mull over! 

In terms of meat sandwiches, choices include oven roasted turkey (the One Wing sandwich sounds like a Thanksgiving sandwich constructed from heaven), slow roasted pulled pork, roast beef, smoked chicken, black forest ham, bacon, capicola (an Italian cold cut), and tuna.

Vegetarians can rejoice because their vegetarian choices are even more varied than their meat ones!  Chad of Sky Blue Sky Sandwiches tells me that the ho-hum lettuce, tomato, and sprout combination just doesn’t cut it when it comes to providing a menu that captures the essence of how creative vegetarian sandwich creation and eating can be.  Part of the fun of vegetarian sandwich creation is mixing and matching vegetables, fruits, and non-meat proteins with delicious breads.  Sky Blue Sky definitely has one of the larger vegetarian sandwich menu selections in town and choices include portobello mushrooms, avocado, almond butter and banana, mozzarella, tomato, and basil, cashew butter, roasted chick peas with curry and mango chutney, pear and Gouda grilled cheese, basil pesto, roasted red peppers, and SO MUCH MORE.

Not only do they serve numerous different types of meats, veggies, and fruits in their sandwiches, but they also pride themselves on their selection of bread and I have to say, even though I’m much more of a pasta lover than a bread lover when it comes to my carbs and grains, the bread here is amazing.  Bread is a priority here.  You won’t find limp slices of white bread or boring bread choices at Sku Blue Sky.  They have everything from honey-nut, cranberry, three cheese, white pepper jack, and French bread to herb and cheese bagels and you can enjoy them all day long because Sky Blue Sky is open for breakfast as well!  

They have a number of breakfast options in addition to their sandwich menu (which I will save and discuss for a future blog post), and while their sandwich menu is a permanent, every day fixture (with the exception of a special, daily “Sandwich of the Day”), their soup menu changes on a daily basis with around 3 or 4 choices each day.  To add even more sass and greatness, Sky Blue Sky also offers sides!  Cucumber mint salad, mandarin orange walnut salad, potato wedges, and – this is for the meat lovers – pulled pork poutine!

After careful thought and consideration, I finally settled on Wishful Thinking, a big portobello mushroom sandwich with lots of avocado, slow cooked onions, and tomato (optional) on my choice of honey-nut bread.  I love mushrooms so much and any time I can treat my tastebuds to portobello mushrooms, you can bet I’ll take advantage of the opportunity.  My sandwich was grilled nice and hot, wrapped in red and white checkered wax paper, and to delight, the sandwich was stuffed with veggies and felt heavy in my hands.  Flimsy sandwiches with no substance are one of life’s sad disappointments and my Wishful Thinking sandwich totally delivered on size and yumminess.  It tasted absolutely heavenly. 

I loved the meaty, juicy, savoury portobellos and the rich, creaminess of the avocado along with the savouriness of the onions, but the real surprise was the bread!  I couldn’t believe how delicious the honey-nut bread was!  The entire sandwich was centered around bold savoury flavour with the mushrooms and onions and such, but the bread totally switched things up and provided this amazing sweet and nutty contrast that I loved.  This bread is truly one of the best breads I’ve ever had and I know this because I actually wanted to eat the crust!  I’ve never been a fan of bread crusts, so you know the bread is fantastic when you don’t have the desire to cut the crusts off.


I ended my meal with one of Sky Blue Sky’s pumpkin cookie sweet treats and I absolutely loved it!  I love the idea of pumpkin desserts and baked goods, but I’ve come across some less than stellar ones that were either much too dry or overpowered by spice.  This cookie was delicious though because it had that earthy, mellow taste of pumpkin with just the right amount of sweetness in the frosting on top to enhance it and to make it taste more like a decadent dessert.  It was one of the softest cookies ever and while it wasn’t chewy per se, it wasn’t crunchy or crumbly at all.  If I had to compare the texture to something, I’d say it was closer to a pound cake.  These pumpkin cookies are even better than pumpkin pie.

My first visit to SBS Sandwiches was a wonderful success and I feel lucky to have access to a great sandwich cafe in town with such nice people and great food with ridiculously reasonable prices.  I can’t wait to share more sandwich adventures with you all and I am very much looking forward to future meals at Sky Blue Sky for breakfast and more veggie sandwich lunches!  


Sky Blue Sky Sandwiches is located at 605 Bloor Street West on the cusp of Mirvish Village and Koreatown.  They are located on the 2nd floor of the building and offer breakfast in addition to their lunch and dinner soup and sandwich menu, as well as online takeout orders.  Visit their website here to view their extensive sandwich menu and to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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