If You Like Pina Coladas, and Getting Caught In the Rain… – The Creamy Pineapple Cupcake at Prairie Girl Bakery!

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“If You Like Pina Coladas” is one of my favourite songs to sing along to on the radio and I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to use a song lyric from this song for ages!  If there’s any opportunity for me to use a song lyric or two in a post title, I’ll take it!  Getting the special pina colada cupcake from Prairie Girl Bakery this month was exciting in and of itself, but to have a pina colada cupcake sunbathing under a tiki umbrella while actually carrying my little square cupcake box in the rain?  It was truly meant to be! 

In all seriousness though, my love for cupcakes is worthy of a chuckle and an amused eye roll and I am grateful to everyone (especially my sweet boyfriend) who humours my obsession.  When I have a hankering for a cupcake, which is truthfully almost every day, I will get one rain or shine.  On this particular day, I looked like an absolute mess with my hair tucked into my hoodie as I trotted across the downtown streets of TO in the misty rain with Prairie Girl cupcake box in hand.  And I have to say, the creamy, fruity, toasty cupcake was well worth the temporary disheveled appearance. 

The Pina Colada Treat of the Week featured a golden buttermilk cupcake topped with big generous swirls of creamy pineapple frosting, toasted shredded coconut, and an adorable tiki umbrella in your choice of colour!  The cupcakes were so cute with the little umbrellas sticking out of them and because I was able to choose which colour umbrella I wanted, I chose a bright green one because it reminded me of breezy palm trees.  The pineapple frosting had a great mix of fruitiness and tartness to it and the toasted coconut added an incredible amount of crunchy, toasty texture to the creamy richness of the frosting.  The best part though?  The golden vanilla buttermilk cupcake was so soft and moist on the inside and literally golden yellow brown and toasty around the edges of the cupcake hood on the outside.  That outer edge was so delicious and the crispness of it added so much more depth in flavour.  You had the light airiness from the moist interior and the warm, bold vanilla flavour on the outside.

Photographing cupcakes around the city can sometimes be a challenge when tables and chairs aren’t available inside the shop, but sometimes hunting down the perfect spot to snap photos can also be fun.  It trains you to think on your feet, to improvise, and to utilize your surrounding environment.  What better spot to the photograph a tropical themed pina colada cupcake than around tropical plants?  Just to be a tease, I’ll let you all figure out the exact spot I took these photos inside First Canadian Place!  I set my cupcake down near some tropical bromeliad flowers and plants and made a little tropical cabana backdrop for it.  It was fun and I think they turned out cute!   

Since my last Prairie Girl cupcake post in September, there’s been some exciting news and changes!  For starters, Prairie Girl opened up their 2nd location in First Canadian Place back in November!  Their underground PATH location is smack dab in the middle of the hustle and bustle of FCP’s Marketplace food haven and you should see the crowds and line-ups!  Prairie Girl is one of my favourite cupcakeries in the city and I’m so happy that they’ve been so successful that they opened a second location. 

In addition to the new location, Prairie Girl has also added even more fun and flavour to their menu!  Aside from their permanent daily flavours of cupcakes and frostings, Prairie Girl would always feature a special Treat of the Week, available for 7 days in both mini and regular sizes.  Every week there would be a new and different cupcake flavour and depending on the response, Prairie Girl would sometimes bring back popular favourites for the Treat of the Week over time.  Instead of having only one Treat of the Week, there are now TWO Treats of the Week – a special flavour on the Golden Buttermilk vanilla and a special one on Grandma’s Dark Cocoa. 

I absolutely love this new arrangement!  I love keeping up with all the creative flavours and themes on a weekly basis and the pina colada cupcake was one that I couldn’t pass up.  Pineapple and coconut?  Amazing.  Tiki umbrella?  Even more fabulous.  A delicious pineapple coconut cupcake with tiki umbrella in the rain while humming Jimmy Buffett’s lyrics?  Priceless. 


Prairie Girl Bakery is located at Suite 106, 18 King St. East off King St. E and Victoria St.  The cupcake shop itself actually faces Victoria St., so it’s just a smidge north of King on Victoria St.  They are open 6 days a week from 10am-6pm from Monday-Saturday.  They are closed on Sundays and statutory holidays.  Their new 2nd location is located in the underground PATH in First Canadian Place in the Marketplace food concourse.  The FCP location is open from 8am-6pm, Monday-Friday.

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