The Cookies That The Cookie Fanatic Loves – A Spotlight on My Market Bakery’s Mocha Tea Cookies


I love to bake cookies.  You all know that.  I love baking them more than I love baking any other sweet thing and I can’t stop thinking of new flavour combinations and new cookie recipes to try.  I have a lemon white chocolate almond one in the works, a frosted coconut cream one, and strawberry shortcake and Black Forest cookie recipes I’m putting together in my head.  I ponder about them out loud while my brother is playing video games and while he’s eating his lunch.  And just recently, I sounded ridiculous when I got all up in arms about seeing my grandma and grandpa for the upcoming Chinese New Year, not because I was necessarily excited about Chinese New Year (sorry, year of the dragon) but because I’ll be bringing them a few new batches of cookies to try.  My grandma told my mum that my grandpa loved the last one and ate them all (oh ,wait, maybe that’s not such a good thing…).

So, which cookies does a cookie monster like myself love when she goes out for them?  Mocha tea cookies!  These little morsels of chocolatey cocoa mocha madness light up my cookie life.  They are my absolute favourites from My Market Bakery in Kensington Market and some of my all-time favourite cookies ever.  Forget the sugar cookies, forget the shortbread even.  The mocha tea cookies are my holy grail cookies from here and I literally make a beeline for the cookie display case the second I walk into the bakery to see if they’re there.  They are cookie coins (much bigger than a toonie but just a tiny bit smaller than an Oreo) with swirls of thick and creamy vanilla frosting on top and a rich and dense fudgy flavour.  My Market Bakery doesn’t always have them because they’re popular and they sell out fast on some days, but if you see them there in the morning or if you’re lucky enough to see them later in the afternoon, you can pick them up for $0.55 a piece or 10 cookies for $5.

In case you were wondering, this box of 10 was actually not mine but my sweetheart’s.  He loves them just as much as I do.  I gushed and told him to try one many moons ago and he’s been in love ever since (with the cookie, not me.  He fell in love with me eons before this delight entered the scene).  Maybe a little too in love.  He came back with a big square white box and my eyes widened as I incredously asked, “how many did you buy?!” to which he replied, “I bought 10”.  Oh have mercy.  A mocha tea cookie monster I have created indeed.


My Market Bakery is located at 184 Baldwin St. in Kensington Market.  The bakery is located west of Spadina Ave. and south of Nassau St.

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