Have a Sweet, Happy Christmas


In just a little under an hour and a half, Christmas (my time) will be over and another year of Christmas get-togethers, songs, meals, and gift-giving will have gone by.  For so many years I was always prepared and always on top of things, and this year, I let things slip by me.  I had every intention of doing everything I wanted to do before Christmas but it didn’t happen and by the time I knew it, Christmas was a week away and I was panicking and feeling disappointed.  Disappointed in myself, with my current situation (this is the first Christmas in 7 years that I have been unemployed), with timing in general.  I was missing out on some fantastic markets due to timing and weather, I didn’t get the chance to do a whirlwind Christmas cupcake tour, and I was feeling so frustrated about not being able to spend lavishingly on gifts for the people that meant the most to me. 

I was in a funk and I didn’t know how to get out of it.  “It’s Christmas,” I thought.  “I’m supposed to be happy.”  I really shouldn’t have given up hope so soon.  I should have known things would be okay.  Not having all the money in the world doesn’t necessarily make for a miserable Christmas by default.  Am I sad certain things didn’t go the way I had planned?  Sure.  But I’m sitting here in my living room with Home Alone on tv feeling happy, inspired, and with a refreshing sense of optimism looking forward as I look back.

This Christmas didn’t turn out too shabby after all.  I spent a fun day out with my best friend doing brunch and gift shopping, two amazing days with my boyfriend, a beautiful morning at my favourite indoor garden in the city taking photos of poinsettias, winter water fountains, kalanchoe Christmas trees, and glittery pine cones hanging from my favourite weeping willow tree.  I spent some much needed time reading, got some of the sweetest, thoughtful gifts from the people I love most, enjoyed some delicious Christmas treats from a wonderful bakery and cafe I had never been to before (banana foster cupcakes!  Gingerbread house cookies!  Pumpkin pie squares!), and proclaimed Christmas Day as Cooking Baking Day!  I’ve started planning new scrapbook layouts, I have some fun outing plans coming up within the next two weeks, I’m looking forward to so many things on the blog, and I’m just feeling happy about all the love I’ve been given.

It wasn’t the Christmas I was planning and hoping for, but it was a different, happy Christmas nevertheless.  Merry Christmas, everyone.

6 thoughts on “Have a Sweet, Happy Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas, Deb!

    I happened to notice Bobbette & Belle as my boyfriend and I drove home from The Beach today. I told him we must return soon to try the hot chocolate with blow-torched marshmallow you mentioned in your blog!

    Thanks for making the holiday season sweeter with all of your wonderful posts!

    • Aww, Merry Christmas to you too, Joni! *hugs* It makes me so happy knowing you enjoy the blog, I appreciate the support so much. And YES, Bobbette & Belle is a must go, I’ve never had anything like it before! It’s rich though, so you have to get something more bland to go with it. I reeeally want to go back and try some more macarons!

  2. It sounds like you managed to have a wonderful Christmas. Xmas seems like it snuck up fast this year, so I understand the sentiment of the Christmas funk. With that said… was still quite a wonderful time 🙂

    • It really did come out of nowhere this year and I know a bunch of people who felt the same way, scrambling and feeling unprepared. My mood definitely lifted closer to Christmas though and now that it’s over, I’m sad! I hope your Christmas was really sweet and memorable and thank you for always being the wonderful friend you are ❤

  3. What a lovely, honest post, Deb. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    I understand your disappointment: this is the first Christmas during which I bought NO Christmas presents, due to budgetary restrictions (you know, of the student variety) and, instead, made cookies for loved ones (and subsequently felt bad when they handed me a gift that I felt that I didn’t deserve). You captured, though, in your post what the season truly is about, clichéed as it may sound: it’s about togetherness, food (I don’t care what anyone says: Christmas is about FOOD), joy, and warmth. Presents, magnificent and close-to-perfect planning skills, and wintry outings are a plus, of course, but just icing on a cake that’s sweet as it is. I might as well continue with this cliché string while I’m at it: the best things in life really are free 🙂

    I’m glad to read that your Christmas turned out to be satisfying after all. And when you’re employed next Christmas, chances are you’ll be looking back at this one and longing for the time off you had 😉

    Enjoy the rest of the holiday season. May it be merry, laughter-filled, sweet, warm, safe, and everything that your giving, enthusiastic, and compassionate heart deserves.


    • Oh gosh, do I ever understand the budget restrictions! That was actually what bummed me out the most, the fact that I couldn’t spend whatever I wanted for my family and for my closest friends. I know the people closest to me understood, but still, I LOVE buying presents and it felt so awful not being able to do what I wanted. But yes, the most important aspects of Christmas really did come through and I feel so lucky to have good people in my life that I can enjoy Christmas with.

      Hahaha, I know what you mean, it’s one of the reasons why I took the entire summer off after my MA. I knew there was never going to be another time where I would have a whole summer to myself so I took advantage. It’s a tough balance: wanting all the time in the world for yourself but knowing you need to make a living in order to be able to even enjoy that life, you know?

      I hope your Christmas and holiday was as sweet as you (minus the yucky school stuff!) and I can’t wait to see what the new year brings the both of us 😀 *hugs*

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