The Hot Chocolate Series: The Decadent Hot Chocolate With Blow-Torched Marshmallow – Bobbette & Belle, Part II


I’ll be completely honest: I had a little help with this one.  A little accidental magazine help.  While doing a little happy-go-lucky Christmas shopping, I picked up the newest issue of Toronto Life and started paging through the first few pages when my eyes roamed over the Table of Contents and saw the words, “hot chocolate”, “marshmallow”, and “blow torch”.  A hot chocolate with a jumbo blow-torched marshmallow from Bobbette & Belle?!  Well, colour me ecstatic!  I didn’t even flip to the article because 1) those words were really all the incentive I needed and 2) I didn’t want the element of surprise and anticipation to be taken away so I willed myself not to look at the photo in the magazine.  I would go to Bobbette & Belle and see the wonderful hot chocolate masterpiece with my very own hot chocolate hungry eyes.

I was so excited about this!  A hot chocolate with not just a “toasted” marshmallow, but a blow-torched marshmallow!  I swear I’m not a pyro, but I am fascinated with the blow torch.  My dad and I used to experiment with our handy propane tank blow torch when I was growing up and we used to use it for art projects and I absolutely loved it when my dad used to whip out the torch to cook.  I love how its usage can transform the look and appearance of food.  Imagine the toasty, frothy peaks of meringue or cream on a pie or a tart.  Or the juxtasposition of a delicate, yet edgy, blow-torched souffle.  The rough and tumble part of me has always been in love with handywork and I’ve dreamed of having my own workbench and I guess the blow torch is my fun tool of choice! 😀 

Bobbette & Belle has a number of coffee drinks and teas on their drink menu designed to accompany their pastries and sweets.  They serve lattes, mocha lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, machiattos, teas, regular coffee, and of course, their hot chocolate work of art.  I don’t know if this hot chocolate is available at their 2nd retail location inside The Bay on Queen Street, but I will find out. 

Their hot chocolate, priced at $4.25, is the chocolatiest beverage I have ever had.  If you love rich and decadent, this hot chocolate has your name written all over it.  This is not your average hot chocolate packaged powder mix with hot water!  A lot of the time, we’re used to hot chocolate that’s a little more diluted.  Bobbette & Belle’s hot chocolate is the exact OPPOSITE of diluted.  It’s thick, it’s roasty, and makes you feel like your drinking luxurious drinking chocolate.  It’s unlike anything I’ve ever had and this hot chocolate drinks like a meal.  It is not for the faint of heart – I couldn’t even finish it all in one sitting because it was so decadent!  If you’re having this, don’t go at it alone because it might be too overwhelming otherwise.  My suggestion is to have it with a “blank canvas” type of dessert, something that isn’t too sweet and that can soak up the richness.  I was dunking my Christmas tree shaped shortbread cookie into it and having an absolute blast!

And the marshmallow.  Oh, the delightful, jumbo, torched marshmallow.  I smiled so big when my hot chocolate was being made.  After one of the nice girls filled my cup with the hot beverage, she crouched down to just below the surface of the counter and sure enough, I heard the “pftshhhh!” sound of the torch doing it’s magic.  Just look at it.  A white and caramelized wintry globe of frothy, gooey, sweet marshmallow floating in the depths of chocolate euphoria.  There are few things in this world that bring giggly joy more than gooey marshmallows.  Every sip was a rich taste of dark chocolate and marshmallow tickling your upper lip and tongue.  And although most of the marshmallow was gooey, sweet, and frothy, you could taste that sweet, crunchy caramelization off the top. 

Bobbette & Belle’s hot chocolate is the liquid embodiment of a s’more and the type of winter treat you envision yourself savouring in front of the fire in a warm and cozy environment after a day of tobogganing and making snow forts and snow angels.  It’s far from a snowy wonderland here in Toronto at the moment (more like a rainy, soggy mess), but with this special hot chocolate, it’s not too hard to daydream and pretend that it is.



Bobbette & Belle is located at 1121 Queen Street East, just east of Jones Ave.  They are open 7 days a week from 7:30am-6:30pm Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm on Saturday, and 9am-5pm on Sunday.  These are their holiday operating hours and they will be closed on the 25th, 26th, and 27th, as well as on January 1st and 2nd.  Visit their website here for product descriptions, information on orders, and photos.

3 thoughts on “The Hot Chocolate Series: The Decadent Hot Chocolate With Blow-Torched Marshmallow – Bobbette & Belle, Part II

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