Hazelnut Cream and Chocolate Flowers – Rose of the Dolomite Chocolates By Loacker From Aurora Importing


What comes to mind when you think “holidays” and “Christmas”?  Christmas trees, lights, decorations, mistletoe and holly, holiday parties and get-togethers, holiday baking and lots of food, Santa (for the little ones), presents (come on, admit it), and the inevitable – boxes of chocolate!  You know as well as I do that for most of us, we dig right into those boxes of truffles as soon as the wrapping paper comes off.  Unless you’re allergic to chocolate, getting and giving fine chocolates for Christmas is a ubiquitous part of the holiday festivities. 

My family and I are awful at polishing off boxes of chocolate.  It takes us FOREVER and a half to finish just one – you could sail around the world in a row boat faster than it would take for us to nibble our way through!  I don’t know why!  I love chocolate, my brother loves chocolate, and so does my dad.  Even though we have treats here and there around the house at any given time, you’d think we’d more gluttonous about our chocolate consumption, especially if they’re gifts.  However, I’m the type of person that enjoys savouring things.  I’ll eat my way through things slowly so that I can enjoy them longer and I suppose this contributes to the problem.  Sigh.  So I often bring treats with me when I’m out and pawn them off to my boyfriend or my friends; they don’t mind.

This certainly doesn’t mean I don’t have the urge to inhale a box of chocolates.  Oh no, I have my weaknesses.  I just have an iron-clad will of self-control that I rein in like a pack of bloodhounds.  What are my weaknesses?  Chocolates that have really smooth centres and creamy chocolate mousse textures.  And things that just look pretty.  Which brings me to the special Christmas delivery I’m sharing with you all today: the brand spankin’ new Rose of the Dolomite Loacker chocolates from Aurora Importing!  The generous fine folks at Aurora sent me two boxes of their brand new Loacker products to try and my brother and I dug right in!  So much for upholding holiday tradition.

Loacker’s Rose of the Dolomite are packaged in coppery brown square boxes with an adorable top lid that opens up to reveal 14 individually wrapped chocolate hazelnut cream treasures!  The chocolates are milk and dark chocolate pralines molded into beautiful, detailed chocolate flowers resembling the alpine roses commonly found in the Dolomite mountain regions in northen Italy.  The flavours are a rich, smooth mixture of milk or dark chocolate on the outside with hazelnut cream and crushed hazelnut bits on the inside.

One of the things that make me shy away from chocolates with nuts is the overpowering and overbearing flavour and size of the nuts.  It ruins it for me when I can no longer taste and enjoy the chocolate because my mouth is full of nuts instead.  I was so incredibly happy when I bit into my chocolate flower and found the crushed hazelnuts to be completely mixed into the hazelnut cream.  The texture was fabulous.  Both my brother and I simaltaneously went, “oh!  Mmmm!” when we felt the gentle crispy crunch of the crushed hazelnuts.  Imagine rice krispies but sweeter and gentler. 

And the hazelnut cream!  OH.MY.GOD.  The roasted flavour was fabulous and nibbling on the chocolate was like biting into thick, rich mousse.  The interior was so smooth and whipped and soft which played off of the crushed hazelnuts really well.  The creamy isn’t runny though.  It’s a thick creamy mousse that holds its shape and it is delicious.  And at the very bottom of the interior, in truly Loacker fashion, there was a thin layer of crispy cookie wafer!  

Like I mentioned in my post on Arte Gelato, I’m a lover of Loacker wafers, especially the Quadratini ones.  I thank my friend Sarah for sending me on the path to wafer love two years ago when she sent me a yummy package of lemon Quadratini wafers in a Christmas swap package.  From that day forth I was obsessed with them, buying two more packages in vanilla and hazelnut.  Or maybe it was tiramisu.  I can’t remember.  But either way, I started keeping up with all their flavours and figuring out where to buy them around the city.  And now I’ve fallen in love with these wonderful chocolates.  If you love smooth textures and hazelnut flavours, these are perfect for you!  Christmas just may taste a little sweeter with a beautiful box of chocolates like these.


Aurora Importing and Loacker products can be found at a number of various grocery stores and specialty shops around the city.  Visit their website here to find specific products and Aurora Importing Brands.  I typed in Loacker and was rewarded with a whopping list of locations and options!  As well, Aurora is currently holding a “First Friday Recipedo Roundup” cooking contest!  Click  here for all the details and you can share your cooking and win a $50 gift certificate to My Italian Cantina!         

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