Sweet, Creamy Hazelnut, Skor Cream, and Cheesecake Gelato – Bang For Your Buck at Arte Gelato and Caffé


I think I’ve finally found the answer to my indecisiveness when it comes to gelato!  I always have the hardest time choosing ice cream and gelato flavours and every time I go out for some, I either chid myself for being so wishy-washy over my choices or I whine to myself, “why can’t I just have 5 flavours and make myself a pretty little artist’s palette of gelato scoops??”  It’s the reason why I get so excited when I come across places that allow you to choose more than one flavour in a cup or cone. 

There’s almost always a catch though.  More often than not, the extra flavours will mean extra moolah and I find myself back at square one, limiting myself to just a few flavours so I don’t end up making my wallet weep.  If only there was a way to try a host of flavours while at the same time reeling in the total price.  I recently found that “way” and I couldn’t be happier!  Introducing Arte Gelato and Caffé on Bloor West!

Located in the heart of Bloorcourt Village on Bloor Street West at the corner of Delaware Rd., just east of Dovercourt, Arte Gelato is a beautiful, airy, spacious gelato café that serves panini sandwiches, waffles, and coffee drinks in addition to their colourful, delicious array of fresh gelato.  I know there are many gelato cafés in the city and I’m well aware I haven’t even chipped away an ounce of what’s out there, but I’m telling you, Arte Gelato is an absolute gem among the jewels and there are so many reasons why I love it here. 

For one, it lives up to its name!  It’s colourful, punchy, bright, and clean and I’m so in love with the spaciousness of the café.  Its corner street location lends plenty of natural sunlight to the space which makes the whole place feel fresh and inviting. 

For another, the entire café is speckled with packages of Loacker and Loacker Quadratini wafers!  Have I ever processed my undying love for Loacker wafers on the blog?  I’m so dizzy with giddiness I can’t remember.  Italian Loacker wafers are my absolute FAVOURITE wafer biscuits and nothing else compares.  There is no other brand that holds a candle to them for me and I have eaten almost two whole bags of Quadratini wafers all on my own.  Not in one seating (I’m not that good), but I’d say about 90% of those wafer cubes ended up in my tummy.  They have packages of all the Quadratini ones and a number of granola bar-sized Loacker ones in flavours I wasn’t even aware of!  I have to say, that is smart marketing because all I could think of was, “hmm, I want to stick wafer cubes in my gelato”.

And speaking of gelato, let’s not forget the main reason why we’re here!  Arte Gelato has 30 flavours of gelato including fruit flavours such as lime and mint, mango, raspberry, lemon, and pomegranate, nutty flavours such as hazelnut, almond, and pistacio, and LOTS of chocolate!  They have stracciatella, chocolate coconut, Baci/Bacio chocolate, and many others.  I was so delighted with the visual display of gelato in the display case because every flavour of gelato was accompanied by a cute visual accent!  The chocolate coconut gelato had a replica of half a coconut with chocolate chunks in it, the coffee gelato had a little coffee cup with coffee beans spilling out, the rum one actually had a bottle of booze sticking out of it, and all the fruit one had fruits sitting on top. 

Aside from the decor, adorable visual accents, and my beloved wafers, the thing that really made my heart flutter about this café was the flavour to price ratio.  Here is where my indecisiveness disappears and where everyone prances around the room in utter excitement!  Arte Gelato has 4 price points for gelato in a cup or cone (waffle cones are extra): kiddie size at $2.29, small for $3.50, medium at $4.40, and large for $5.30.  Now, I want you to guess how many flavours you can get for any one of these particular sizes.  Two?  Nope.  Three?  Guess again.  Four?  Wrong, no cigar.  Here’s the answer: AS MANY AS YOU WANT.  You can erase the incredulous look on your face and lift your jaw off the ground because I’m not joking.  If you choose, say, a medium cup, you can go to town and choose 5 flavours for the medium flat rate price of $4.40.  No additional charges.  Want 6 flavours?  Go for it.  I was in conniptions when the nice girl told me this.  I couldn’t believe it!

I had myself a medium cup and chose 3 flavours: hazelnut, Skor cream (yes, that would be Skor the chocolate bar with sweet cream gelato!), and cheesecake which is the flavour sitting beside the chocolate coconut in the photo up top.  I was gobsmacked at the amount of gelato I got.  The nice girl just kept slapping it on!  It was mondo delicious but holy jeebus, this ate like a meal!  I was rolling out the café and onto the sidewalk after I was finished.  Take it from me, unless you decide to have gelato for lunch or dinner, a small will suffice.  But really, if you’re a gelato fanatic don’t let me stop you because the it’s really awesome and delicious.  It’s so creamy and the flavours are BANG ON.  The Skor cream was a vanilla cream gelato with crushed Skor chocolate bar bits strewn throughout it, the hazelnut was reminiscent of nutella and so rich and full-bodied, and the cheesecake had a sweet, creamy tang like no other.  SPOT ON.  And your order comes with a cigar cookie biscuit too!

Like I said before, there are many gelato places around the city that are probably amazing but Arte Gelato gives you bang for your buck and I can’t imagine another spot that would give you that much gelato for such good value.  It’s a wonderful, beautiful café and I see myself rolling out onto the sidewalk for many moons to come.


Arte Gelato and Caffé is located at 946 Bloor Street West at the corner of Bloor and Delaware Rd.  It is located just east of Dovercourt in Bloorcourt Village, sandwich between Ossington and Dufferin subway stations.

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