A Birthday Wouldn’t Be the Same Without Cake – White Chocolate, Lots of Frosting Cream, and a Ninja Cookie!


I received many a birthday message yesterday wishing me a happy day with yummy food and cuppycakes and I am happy to report back and say that I had some fabulous, awesomely delicious cake yesterday!  There has never been a birthday in my life that has come and gone without cake in some shape or form.  Growing up, my mum would order my brother and I birthday cakes from the cute little Chinese bakeries and have an adorable picture chosen to have decorated on the cake for our special day.  I have had SO many cute cakes over the years!  Snoopy playing a piano, Winnie the Pooh, Minnie Mouse, Princess Serena/Sailor Moon, and many more.  Oh!  And my brother’s cakes!  He had Keroppi the frog, Alpha from Power Rangers, Garfield, Pikachu from Pokemon, and a host of others.  Ahh, memories.   

I have so many sweet memories and old photos of birthdays and birthday cake to look back on.  I celebrated my 1st birthday with a giant chocolate cake with pink and yellow frosted roses, we ordered pizza and had myself a party at Chuck E. Cheese for my 8th, the staff at Frankie Tomatto’s sang to me for the my 14th, my friends surprised me with a pink and white cake with the sweetest frosting imaginable for my sweet 16, I received a birthday pickle complete with candle from the Pickle Barrel for my 19th, and I had a hilarious incident two years ago where my pretty circus themed lemon gelato cake melted into an apocalyptic puddle during my birthday party right before my very eyes.  I love cake to pieces (no pun intended, ha) and birthdays have always been just one more reason to indulge and enjoy.  Not that I ever needed a reason to stick my face in anything sweet.

Just before disaster struck

Here’s the thing though: my family and I suck at eating an entire cake.  Oh sure, we’ll all eat a slice (sometimes I’ll eat two, ha) on the day we get the cake but after that, it takes forever and a half to finish the darn thing.  I love cake, yes, but it’s something that I really don’t eat every day and given how I have the sweetest tooth in the family, sometimes they are just awful at helping me out.  So my mum went with a different approach this year for mine: individual slices!  No fuss, no muss.  Half a dozen slices in 3 different flavours, 2 slices of each flavour.  Everyone gets one, and whoever wants a 2nd can take one from the remaining two.  I had my choice of Black Forest, white chocolate, and coffee mousse and you can probably guess which one I chose.  Oh yes, white chocolate cake, come to momma.

My mum got the cakes from Foody Mart (the Chinese supermarket across the street from Markville at the intersection of Hwy 7 and McCowan Rd.) and ohhhh man was my cake ever freakin’ delicious.  For one thing, these slices were BIG!  And for another, there was lots of frosting cream, fruit jelly between the layers, mounds of white chocolate curls on the frosting, and an adorable cookie biscuit to top it off!  I would eat this cake again in a heartbeat (lucky for me, I think there’s a 2nd slice left in the fridge) because it was so good.  The little chunks of fruit jelly in between the layers looked like peach or mango jelly, but when I ate it, it tasted exactly like lychee!  And the cookie biscuit just killed me.  There was an adorable picture of a NINJA girl on it!  That’s me alright, Super Debra!  Hi-Yah!  Attacking cupcakes and cakes one day at a time 😀


Foody Mart is located at 5221 Highway 7 East off McCowan Rd. in Markham.

2 thoughts on “A Birthday Wouldn’t Be the Same Without Cake – White Chocolate, Lots of Frosting Cream, and a Ninja Cookie!

    • Thank you, Breige 😀 ❤ And yeah, the individual slice system works better for my family and as an added bonus, you get lots of variety!

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