All You Can Eat Sushi in Markham – Introducing Yellowtail and Its Amazing Dragon Rolls!


For all the sushi I love and eat in the city, it’ll probably come as a surprise to most that I’ve actually never done an all you can eat dinner in Toronto!  I did an all you can eat sushi lunch once with an old friend, at Echo Sushi on Yonge St. south of Eglinton, over a year and a half ago, but no dinner with family or friends.  Nope, my track record shows that I’ve saved my all you can eat sushi fests for places a little closer to home. 

One of my favourite foodie things about Markham is the selection of all you can eat sushi places!  Over the years, my family and I have tried a number of different places all over Markham, some which have been top-of-the-line stellar and others that have just been mediocre.  Throughout this sushi feasting process, we’ve lost a favourite (Sushi Tomato at Metro Square by Warden and Steeles) and gained a new one (Asia Feast off Hwy. 7 and Langstaff), all the way scoping out new and unchartered sushi territories.

Not too long ago, we received a flyer in our mail with a menu advertising a brand spankin’ new AYCE place called Yellowtail within the plaza at the corner of 16th and Woodbine Ave.  Remember my post on the delicious Greek food at Loui’s Kouzina?  Same plaza!  This plaza and I go waaaaay back.  When I moved to Markham from Scarborough about 13 years ago, I attended Buttonville Public School for my 8th grade year and this plaza was just one major street away and gosh have things ever changed in this plaza over the years.  Gone is the Loeb and No Frills supermarket, and in comes stores like One’s Better Living, the soon-to-be T&T supermarket, and of course AYCE Yellowtail.  One thing has remained constant though: the food scene here is pretty darn good!  Loui’s Kouzina, All Star Wings & Ribs, a Chinese and HK restaurant I actually tried out last week (the name escapes me right now, sorry, I suck), and the awesome Yellowtail.

Asia Feast still holds #1 spot in my heart for AYCE sushi in Markham, but Yellowtail is REALLY amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who loves to AYCE.  I don’t know how everyone feels about restaurant seating, but I’m a fan of booths and Yellowtail has a LOT of them, which makes for nice roomy seating.  The prices are very standard and average for AYCE ($21.99 for weekend dinner and $19.99 for weekday dinner) and the service is excellent here.  The girls who were taking down our orders and delivering our food to our table were super sweet and really nice.  And now, for the food.  Wow.  Really, WOW.  We ordered a bunch of different things including salmon sashimi, white butter fish, red snapper, chicken teriyaki and squid skewers, scallops, tofu, and white tuna sushi pizza.

Everything was incredibly fresh, of great quality, and I enjoyed all of it.  If I had to pick out the standouts though, they were the roll sets and the selection of ice cream for dessert.  The rolls are fan-freakin’-tastic, OHMYGOD.  I’m biased towards anything with cream cheese and spicy sauce, so of course I loved the Philadelphia rolls (salmon with cream cheese) and the spicy crunch rolls (tempura crunchies with dollops of spicy sauce), but the honest-to-god knockouts?  The 8-roll sets and the dragons.  I swear, if you all take my recommendation and go to Yellowtail, ORDER THE DRAGONS!  I have NEVER in all my years of eating sushi seen dragon roll sets as big as these.  They are amazing, delicious, beautiful, and they will render you speechless. 

We ordered the mango 8-roll set (which was served in the dragon style, rolls upright) and the rolls were draped in avocado slices, sprinkled with orange masago, and dripping with mango puree sauce with more chunks of avocado and mango inside the rolls.  If you want a tropical party in your mouth, do yourself a favour and eat this.  It will make you so happy.  In addition to the mango roll set, we had the green dragon roll and THIS made all of our mouths gap open when our waitress brought it to our table.  Giant rolls covered in thick avocado slices with tempura shrimp, shredded cucumber, tempura crunchies, and sushi mayo, with plenty of shredded cucumber garnish on the side.  Yellowtail, hands down, does the best sushi dragons imaginable and they blow the sushi places in the city out of the water.

Oh, and the ice cream selection for dessert!  6 choices!  Sure, they have the usual vanilla, green tea, and mango, but do you know what else they have that nobody else has?  Cookies n’ cream and cappuccino!  And they do have red bean ice cream as well.  We ordered bowls and bowls of the stuff and had ourselves a jolly good time 😀  I am so happy that Yellowtail worked out for us and now that I know that their sushi dragons are the best ever, I’ll slowly eat my way through them.  Close to home, close to the tummy!


Yellowtail is located at 9255 Woodbine Ave. Unit #B14.  It is located beside One’s Better Living within the plaza at the intersection of Woodbine and 16th Ave. in Markham.

21 thoughts on “All You Can Eat Sushi in Markham – Introducing Yellowtail and Its Amazing Dragon Rolls!

    • You will love it and we can definitely come here! I don’t think you’ve been in the area so it’ll be something new for you!

    • Hi there, thanks for visiting and commenting! 🙂 Prices are as follows for AYCE: $21.99 for weekend dinner and $19.99 for weekday dinner. The food here is just top-notch and of amazing quality, you’ll really enjoy it if you decide to go.

  1. Do you know the lunch time prices for this restaurant? I got the flyer too, but it doesn’t have any of the AYCE prices (because it’s a take-out menu)

    • Hi Christa, thank you for visiting and commenting! To my knowledge, there aren’t any line-ups, but my visit was a bit earlier in the evening so I can only vouch for the duration of time I was there. Their service is very good though, so I’d imagine that line-ups shouldn’t be an issue. I hope that helps!

    • Hi Tiffany, thanks so much for visiting and commenting! 😀 I hope you love it as much as my family and I did because the quality of food is just fab. And thank you for the support, I love doing this and will hopefully be doing this for a looong time to come!

  2. I just ate here this past Saturday, and it was one of the best experiences I have had in quite a while. Soft shell crab and salmon sushimi were by far the best I have had anywhere!

    • YAY, I’m so happy you had an awesome meal here!! 😀 *high five* I’m excited for my next visit (whenever that will be!) and I’m looking forward to trying stuff I didn’t try the first time around like their rolls sets and some more of the dragon rolls which are my absolute favourite. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting, Shellz!

  3. Hi. I’m from Boston, in town on business. I was looking for a drugstore near my hotel and came across Yellowtail. I Google’d it first (looking for reviews) and found your site first. Anyway, just wanted to tell you: it’s great. Good service, great food. Highly recommended for fellow sushi/Japanese cuisine lovers. Thanks for your detailed review!

    • Hi Phil, thanks so much for visiting and commenting, your message made my day! Oh, and welcome to Markham and Toronto!! 😀 I’m so happy you had a great sushi experience here and that my post helped in making your decision! I hope your business trip went well and I hope you enjoyed your time here in the city, stop by the blog any time!

  4. Hey there! Just wanted to give my two cents about this AYCE restaurant.
    Amazing!!!! One of the best AYCE’s Ive had in awhile. My boyfriend and I love this place and continue to go back on multiple occasions. The Rolls are fresh, delicious, and good size for an AYCE. Chicken skewers, beef, and salmon are always delicious. Beer is cheap!!! Service is EXCELLENT!!! very attentive, quick, and friendly!
    Every time we have been there has been a lineup (weekends) but you’re able to make reservations ahead so it’s very convenient.

    Overall a great restaurant! and what a great review Deb!!!

    • Hi Jaclyn, thanks so much for visiting and leaving me a message! I’m so happy you love it too and it’s totally one of my favourites as well. Markham has a bunch of good AYCE sushi places (I am over the moon for Asia Feast on Highway 7 and Langstaff) and Yellowtail is really top notch, top 3 in Markham material. I’d love to go back for another round but just haven’t had the chance to yet! There are so many rolls I want to try that I didn’t get around to ordering last time and ahhh, the ice cream!! 😀 I’m really happy you enjoyed the post and I hope you continue to stop by, it means a lot!

  5. Hey! Came across your review, and I just wanted to say I’ve been going there for a while now since I think August 2011.

    One of my favourite places to go, and I know the owner because my family really enjoys going there. They used to give us 10% off for being regulars but have taken that away for everyone as they seem to be cutting costs.

    Loved the salmon sashimi, dragon rolls are perfect. Food is VERY fresh and the meat is cooked medium rare, this is extremely odd to find in a Chinese owned place.

    Overall 4.5/5, I’m a hard sell… or else I’d rate it a 5.


    • Hi Aaron, thanks so much for leaving me a message! That’s awesome that you and so many others enjoy it as much as I do, and your families too 🙂 Nothing wrong with being a hard sell so long as you enjoy everything you love – it’s hard and almost impossible to find places that are pure perfection because if they were, there would be nothing to improve upon and I think there’s always room to make things even more awesome. I totally need to make another trip and try other things, it’s been way too long since my last meal here 🙂

  6. No problem Deb! Yeah definitely, Yellowtail definitely cares about their food and customer service. I’ve tried another place out, it’s called Sano Sushi on Yonge just off the 407. They give a 15% discount or something like that, but it’s not as good as Yellowtail and they ask customers to write down orders as opposed to them taking your order for you. – Speeding up getting the food out –

    Sano Sushi has a really nice design and a friendly atmosphere. Their food is also very fresh! I’ll be going to Yellowtail soon and Sano!

    Take care,


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