Foodie Districts: The Pretty and Posh Yorkville and Cumberland


The Yorkville neighbourhood might be fancy pants with its really nice Italian and Japanese restaurants, sushi bars, and espresso cafes, but that hasn’t stopped me from admiring and completely immersing myself in the food scene here.  Even though most of the fine dining is a little out of my reach (read: budget) at this point, there’s a lot that I love about Yorkville and I’m more than content sticking to the places that I’ve enjoyed in the past.  Yorkville is a very pretty neighbourhood, the kind that makes for a very relaxing, leisurely stroll.  There’s a beautiful little park on Cumberland St. with a very cool fountain, and I always love window shopping here.  And if you’re a foodie, it’s also a fab place for those who loooove eating out on the patio.  A number of eateries here have outdoor patios, and some even have 2nd floor and rooftop ones too!

There are gourmet markets (Pusateri’s, Whole Foods, and Dinah’s Cupboard), lots of sweet eats (Carole’s Cheesecake Company, Moroco Chocolate Boutique, Dessert Lady, and Summer’s Ice Cream just to name a bunch!), French restaurants (Le Trou Normand and Sassafraz, the beautiful and iconic yellow and white restaurant at the corner of Bellair and Cumberland), Italian restaurants (Ciao Wine Bar and Bellini’s), vegetarian and vegan places (Mela Cafe and Rawlicious), Japanese and sushi bars (Ginza, Sushi Inn, and Yamato Japanese Restaurant), Mexican food at La Mexicana, and if you’re interested in some good old fashioned bar and pub fare, Hemingway’s is a great choice.  You all know I’ve been to Ginza, La Mexicana, Dessert Lady, Mela Cafe, and Summer’s Ice Cream because I’ve blogged about them (and will continue to!), but I’ve also been to Sushi Inn and Hemingway’s and I’m so looking forward to having a rooftop patio meal at Hemingway’s sometime! 

If I had to choose one place to completely indulge in, it would have to be Moroco Chocolate Boutique.  This place oozes and drips with luxuriousness with chocolate truffles, chocolate dipped orange peel, macarons, frozen yogurt, sipping chocolate, and many other sweets.  They have a dining area inside and an outdoor patio for brunch and lunch and afternoon tea and I cannot wait for the day where I can throw caution to the wind and have a fabulous meal here with all the trimmings. 

Outside of actual food, the shining star in Yorkville for me (and for any other foodie roaming this earth) is The Cookbook Store!  I know, an ENTIRE store dedicated to cookbooks, food magazines, food literature, and everything FOOD AND PRINT!  Can you tell how much I love it here?!  Two years I came here on Hallowe’en and they had an entire Hallowe’en party spread right in the store!  Hallowe’en themed cookies, cakes, and finger foods for everyone to nibble on in the store.  This is one of my favourite food memories in Yorkville and it pains me that I don’t have a photo from that day to show you all.  I was lame and didn’t recharge my camera battery before I went out for the day and it went dead on me just before I went inside.  Sigh.  I want to take this store home with me the same way my mum wanted to take home the farmers’ market yesterday.

Given how Yorkville is so easily accessible via subway, it’s a neighbourhood I really enjoy being in regardless of how much money I have to spend.  There are flower baskets hanging on every pretty lamp post in the summer, an ice fest in the winter, and a beautiful kind of crispness in the fall.  I always have a great time when I’m here and the food browsing and foodie window shopping delights me each and every time.



The Yorkville neighbourhood is located in downtown Toronto, bounded by Charles St. to the south, Yonge St. to the east, Davenport Rd. to the north, and Avenue Rd. to the west.

4 thoughts on “Foodie Districts: The Pretty and Posh Yorkville and Cumberland

    • When I saw the Cookbook Store for the first time, I almost passed out from happiness. I’m actually afraid to go inside now for fear that I will never get out, lol! You would loooove this neighbourhood not just for the food, but for the boutiques too. You would go nuts for one of my favourite gift shops, Red Letter, as well as the fancy pants stuff because you could ogle shoes!! 😀

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