A Taste of Tokyo, Literally! The Roll For Both Salmon and Tuna Lovers: The Tokyo Sumomaki at The Sushi Shop


Meet the Tokyo sumomaki roll, rolling out on The Sushi Shop’s red carpet of new sushi rolls for 2011!  Since they introduced their new menu with the new additions back in the spring, I’ve been able to try two out of the four new ones: the Tempura Syake Hosomaki (tempura mixed with salmon) and this one, the Tokyo sumomaki.  One of four new sushi roll additions to the 2011 menu, the Tokyo is THE roll for those who like simplicity and who love both salmon and tuna sushi but can’t decide which one of the two they love more.  And if you have the sneaking suspicion that I am actually describing myself, you are right.  Sigh.  Some days I think my heart will forever belong to salmon while I am reminded on other days that the thought of spicy tuna rolls and tuna nigiri make me salivate. 

You get the best of both worlds with this roll because the Tokyo rolls are stuffed with fresh chunks of salmon, tuna, crabstick, and red masago with a ring of cucumber hugging everything all snuggly together.  Just think, as a sushi lover you’ll never have to choose between salmon and tuna again!  And oddly enough, the ingredients themselves are as basic and stripped down as it can get when it comes to sushi rolls, yet the rolls come together really beautifully (look how pretty they are!) and deliciously.  The ring of cucumber leads me to envision the Japanese flag (the red against the white with the circular emphasis) while the meaty texture and flavour of the salmon, tuna, and crab contrast nicely with the crunchy freshness of the cucumber.  It’s a simple roll that executes really well. 

During this particular Sushi Shop lunch, I discovered (or rather, realized) a must-have: a side of spicy sushi mayo.  I love sauce, I love dip, and holy mother of pearl is this sauce ever freakin’ delicious.  The side of spicy mayo as an add-on has been on the menu for eons and I honestly can’t explain why I didn’t try it until that particular day.  As a lover of sauce and dip, I even put myself to shame for that brain fart.  For the generous helping of sauce they give you, it is SO worth it.  There isn’t much else $0.50 can buy you these days, so if you love spicy stuff and dipping and dunking like I do, I suggest you get some and inhale it.  You will wiggle with happiness.  The end. 


The Sushi Shop is located at the intersection of Yonge and Carlton St. (3 Carlton St.), with 2 other take-out locations serving the downtown core, one being in the GO train station concourse and the other near Maple Leaf Square at 25 York St (closed Saturday and Sunday).  According to Google map, there is also a location on Bloor St. E at 175 Bloor St.E (Saturday and Sunday closed as well).  For more info on their menu, promos, and shop, check out their official website here.

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