Summer, Sun, Music, Food: Whet Your Tastebuds for Tasty Thursdays at Nathan Phillips Square!


Toronto may not be queen in the world’s palace of eats and it’s nearly impossible to clearly define what Toronto’s cuisine truly encompasses.  However, I think the foodscape in this city is so fun and so full of opportunities for exploration, and the events that are put on throughout the year allow so many of us to enjoy food in all its shapes and forms.  This Thursday on July 14th marks yet another summer fest of food at Nathan Phillips Square with Tasty Thursdays!  Nathan Phillips Square hosts two summer foodie events, one being the Fresh Wednesdays farmers’ market and the second being Tasty Thursdays, an outdoor bounty of food offerings from restaurants and eateries across the city.  From 11am-2pm, these vendors offer everything from Thai to Caribbean and Jamaican, Tex Mex, Indian, and South American, with all food prices coming in at $7 or less.  Even though I’m a bit crestfallen that the maximum used to be $5, I’m hoping that whatever rings in at $7 this summer will be well worth it.  Prices aren’t flat rates so to speak, so you can purchase a lunch meal for $5, a snack for $2, or an appetizer for $3. 

I went to Tasty Thursdays several times last summer and I tried a bunch of different things!  I remember eating noodles, blackened shrimp, ceviche, and my favourite, a Peruvian chicken and rice meal!  I was in love with the rice especially and I’d be so happy if they brought it back again this summer.  If you’re a foodie like me (or, you know, if you’re just hungry), and if you haven’t been before, check it out this Thursday and every Thursday until September 1st.  Great food with music to enjoy out in the summer sun.  Here’s a sneak peek with some photos I took of the food last year!


Nathan Phillips Square is located at 100 Queen St. West at the intersection of Queen and Bay St.  Tasty Thursdays takes place every Thursday from 11am-2pm from July 14th-September 1st, 2011.  All food items are $7 or less.  For more information on which restaurants and vendors are participating this summer, click here.

6 thoughts on “Summer, Sun, Music, Food: Whet Your Tastebuds for Tasty Thursdays at Nathan Phillips Square!

    • The vegetarian eats vary from booth to booth, but I distinctly remember there being vegetarian Indian and vegetarian noodles. There could be different stuff from last summer though, so I’d give it a look-see just to see what all your options are. If there aren’t enough options tomorrow, there won’t be enough for the summer as the vendors are the same every week.

      And I would totally meet up with you (like I would come around the Eaton Centre around lunch and not ask to see you!), but I’ll be with my brother and my mum >_< I promise another time! 🙂

      • oh, no worries! =) a coworker actually suggested our team go check it out together tomorrow… i don’t know if i’ll go, but if i do, maybe i’ll see you! i actually always bring my lunch to work anyway, unless i KNOW i’m going to be buying from somewhere ahead of time.

    • Oh you mean the red bell pepper beef noodles? I had those last summer, they were quite tasty! They could do with a little less noodle sauce, but hey, for the price I paid I’m not complaining 😀

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