Hot Off the Grill: Fresh Corn on the Cob and Baby Yukon Potatoes at the Queens Quay Farmers’ Market


I may not be an avid beach bunny, but I love being by the water and I feel super lucky that Lake Ontario is so close by.  I get excited taking the ferry to and from the island, I love being around Harbourfront, and there’s no other feeling like sitting on some rocks when it’s gorgeous and sunny out and watching the tide and waves crash in and out.  I recently went to Ontario Place to snap a bunch of photos, knowing that most of it would get eventually get torn down to make way for a newly renovated park, and my favourite part of the day was plopping myself down by the rocks, looking out at the water, feeling the wind whip through my hair, and not having a damn care in the world. 

The Queens Quay Terminal outdoor farmers’ market is quite possibly the closest waterfront market in the city and spending time here really allows you to soak up summer in all its glory.  It’s literally steps away from the harbour and its the perfect way to spend a breezy afternoon.  Peruse the farmers’ market, pick up some fresh food, grab some ice cream, and sit by the water.  It doesn’t get much sweeter than that.  And speaking of sweet, the freshly shucked grilled corn was definitely the highlight of yesterday’s Queens Quay market!  Even though I didn’t have any (I had already eaten ice cream beforehand, oopsie), it was mouthwatering just to watch the corn get fired up with its awesome grill marks and then wrapped in foil for others to eat.  At $1 apiece, this is definitely going to be on my “must-eat” list the next time I go!

Even though the Queens Quay farmers’ market is on the smaller side, there’s still great stuff to check out: a giant pie and pastry table with plenty of samples (and a very adorable apple print tablecloth!), maple syrup goodies with chocolate maple cookie samples (cue drooling), a fascinating grain cake popping machine that pops out giant discs that look like rice cakes (if you’ve seen these at T&T supermarkets, you know what I’m referring to!), fresh baked bread, mounds of strawberries, giant bell peppers, buckets of zucchini and potatoes, and oodles of other fresh vegetables!  I do wish though that there was less wasteful plastic product packaging and all; it’d be great if the pies were packaged in cardboard boxes and if less plastic was used for the samples.  I really need to bring produce bags in addition to my canvas totes because I cringe whenever I’m given a plastic bag for my veggies.  Face palm moment. 

I was very happy yesterday to pick up a giant pint of beautiful and adorable Yukon Gold baby potatoes though!  I have never met a potato I didn’t like.  These were small and cute as a button and my mum squealed when I came home with my prized spuds.  When I phoned her asking her if she wanted me to pick up a few pints of raspberries, she protested when I told her I had already bought potatoes because we apparently we had some regular-sized ones waiting for us at home.  She changed her tune when she saw how cute they were though 😀 

I’m really looking forward to seeing how many different things I can bring home by the end of the summer.  Then the fall stuff will come along and that’s a whole ‘nother project!  On all of my market treks I’ve picked up different goodies each time and it’s so much fun seeing what each market has to offer!  I’ve picked up vegan coconut oatmeal cookies at Trinity Bellwoods, French bread and bell peppers at Nathan Phillips Square’s Fresh Wednesdays, apple buttermilk muffins at Sick Kids Hospital, vegan brownies and magic squares by Jen’s APieCalypse Now at U of T’s market (blog post forthcoming!), and baby eggplants at East York Civic Centre.  And that’s me putting myself in an invisible strait jacket!  There have been sooo many delicious baked goods and beautiful fruits and vegetable that I’ve had to pass up, just because I really need to limit myself on purchases if I’m visiting markets every week!  I’m totally smitten with my baby potatoes though and we’ll see what we end up making with them over the Canada Day weekend.  Potato salad?  Roasted spuds?  Plain boiled potatoes with a little butter?  Oh, potatoes, how I love you 😀  Have an amazing start to the long weekend, everyone!


The Queens Quay Terminal Farmers’ Market is located at 207 Queens Quay West, right outside the Queen Quay Terminal shopping and dining centre.  They will be there every Wednesday from 3pm-7pm until October 26th.

2 thoughts on “Hot Off the Grill: Fresh Corn on the Cob and Baby Yukon Potatoes at the Queens Quay Farmers’ Market

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