Double The Salmon, Double The YUM! – Tempura Salmon & Twin Salmon Sushi Rolls at The Sushi Shop

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How exciting is it when your favourite sushi place introduces new menu items?  VERY!  😀  You all know how much I love The Sushi Shop and how I can eat their maki rolls till the sun comes up.  One of the many reasons why I enjoy eating here so much has to do with their consistent way of churning out new rolls and creative combinations.  Now that’s not to say that old stand-bys aren’t great; on the contrary, discontinuing best sellers and favourites is a big no-no for diehards like myself who would most likely cry or whimper about it on the subway ride back home. 

It’s really fun though to open up the menu to discover that there are FOUR new kinds of rolls you’ve never seen and tried before!  So long as they keep doing what they do best, it’s all in good fun and it keeps things fresh.  I loved the way they incorporated Valentine’s Day into their sushi by creating their Sweetheart sushi rolls in the shape of two halves of a heart put together.  It was just too cute and so creative and, lucky for me, they decided to add it to their permanent menu of rolls alongside their newest additions.

Not too long ago during spring, The Sushi Shop rolled out (no pun intended, ha!) a slew of new sushi rolls to add to their existing menu and being the sushi roll crazed girl that I am, I jumped at the chance to try some of them out.  They added

  • 1) the Volcano Sumomaki
  • 2) the Tokyo Sumomaki
  • 3) Tempura Tekka Hosomaki (tempura mixed with tuna) and finally,
  • 4) the Tempura Syake Hosomaki (tempura mixed with salmon).  

Given how I love salmon sushi the way Homer chugs down beer and scarfs down donuts, it made perfect logical sense to give the Tempura Syake a whirl, especially considering how crazy I am about different textures with my sushi.  I really enjoy Sushi on Bloor’s crunchy rolls (salmon with tempura bits and avocado) and I couldn’t imagine not being totally in love with Sushi Shop’s interpretation. 

The tempura in their rolls is just different and amazing.  I don’t know if it’s because the bits seem bigger and therefore crunchier, or if it’s because of the spicy mayo they use with the salmon and tempura, but the combination is SO soft and flavourful.  Even though my boyfriend and I would agree that that their tempura shrimp appetizer isn’t their strong suit, they nail it using tempura in their rolls.  Come to think of it, the tempura shrimp appetizer seems to be the only blip in their repertoire and not because it tastes bad, but only because they don’t measure up to other sushi places in the city in terms of size and portion and the like. 

Otherwise, their tartare is fabulous, their Fuji Bowls are delicious (my boyfriend loved his and reported back to me, ha), and their rolls are out of this world.  And to make it even more perfect?  Ordering the Twin Salmon maki (rolls with salmon, avocado, red masago, and light mayo draped with the most mouthwatering smoked salmon with black sesame seeds) with these new Tempura Syake rolls seals the salmon lover’s deal. 


The Sushi Shop is located at the intersection of Yonge and Carlton St. (3 Carlton St.), with 2 other take-out locations serving the downtown core, one being in the GO train station concourse and the other near Maple Leaf Square at 25 York St (closed Saturday and Sunday).  According to Google map, there is also a location on Bloor St. E at 175 Bloor St.E (Saturday and Sunday closed as well).  For more info on their menu, promos, and shop, check out their official website here.

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