Calling All Nutella Lovers: Chai Lattes, Vanilla Steamers & The Banana Nutella Waffle at CocoaLatte! Part II


Oh Cocoa Latte, how I’ve fallen in love with you.  Let it be known that my Twitter account has opened up a whole new (cyber) world for me since I signed up several months ago.  Before I started my blog, I scoffed at the mere thought of having a Twitter.  “Why in the world would I sign up and just talk about crap?  Who in the world is going to care?”  I was proven wrong.  Sort of.  Although I still stand by my conviction that having a Twitter without a blog would have been silly for me, I’ve realized that this blog, in conjunction with my Twitter, has connected me to so many people and places I would have otherwise never known about. 

Cocoa Latte is one of them.  It just happened to pop up in my feed one day and being the curious kitten that I am, I looked up their website and almost immediately, I had a really good feeling about this beautiful café.  For one thing, Cocoa Latte is so pretty to look at.  Baby blue, white, and chocolate brown decor.  I was already mentally piecing together cardstock samples and potental scrapbook layouts before my first visit!  And for another, it’s a chameleon that does quadruple duty: peaceful brunch space, hopping lunch joint, hip coffee and tea café, and sweet gelato bar.  And even though I have yet to enjoy lunch or a gelato/ice cream/cake dessert, I gotta say, they lay the smackdown on breakfast and drinks REALLY good. 

Their drink menu has SO much variety, from coffee and iced coffee and tea drinks to frothy frappés to apple ciders, vanilla steamers, caramel lattes, London Fogs, and of course, its namesake, cocoa lattes.  Now, I’m no coffee connoisseur, but Cocoa Latte’s drink prices are very much in line with other indie coffee shops around the city.  Maybe around $0.50 less than average for certain drinks and $0.40 more for others, but I’m telling you, you get bang for you buck. 

Oh!  And they serve almond milk for their coffee drinks!  This makes me happy considering I fell in love with almond milk a few months ago after a few friends raved about yummy it is.  It’s a great -and necessary- alternative for those who are vegan, allergic to soy, and/or lactose intolerant.

I was absolutely gobsmacked when the nice girl who was serving us brought me my chai latte.  It was HUGE.  My glass looked like a beer mug.  And I ordered a small!  She placed it on the table and I stared at it with my mouth slightly gaping open.  Then after a few seconds of stunned silence, my mind starting sputtering: “wait…wha…why…huh??  I could have sworn I ordered a small!”  Make no mistake, my “small” chai latte might as well have been a whole teapot.  And I was thisclose to waving the nice girl over and telling her that she had made a mistake and brought me a large.  But how thrilling it was to realize that my ginormous chai latte was exactly what I had ordered and how thrilling it was to taste the hot, milky tea beverage that smelled and tasted so wonderfully of sweet cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom.

And now for the drool-inducing nutella you’ve all been waiting for.  I hope all you nutella lovers are here, reading and soaking up these next few photos because this breakfast meal was all sorts of lovely and for lack of other words, simply “mmmm”.  Like I mentioned in my teaser post yesterday, I am on the hunt for all amazing nutella food items in the city and I’m hoping that this is just the first out of many more delicious nutella eats.  Cocoa Latte makes a wonderful, amazing banana nutella waffle for breakfast.  How amazing?  Look below.

This waffle was delighfully crispy on the outside with an airy, fluffy inside (you can see from the photos that the waffle looks multi-layered even!) with warm, ooey gooey nutella slathered all over it in all its cocoa hazelnut glory and a mountain of freshly sliced bananas on top with a sprinkling of powdered sugar.  Oh, and more nutella drizzled all over.  If you want a sweet, satisfying breakfast that doesn’t leave you filling gross afterward, this is your gem.  You’d think that a waffle covered in nutella would induce a sickly case of sugar coma, but I’m being honest when I say that it doesn’t.  This dish, in appearance, looks really sweet but it’s really not.  Just a nice big, fresh waffle with everyone’s favourite cocoa spread and lots of banana.

This is the real deal.  It’s not someone passing off melted chocolate as nutella (I’m not kidding about this, I’ve had two accounts of a nutella cookie in the city not tasting like nutella at all but instead, like plain ol’ chocolate.  The nerve, right?), it’s not a dinky-sized waffle being passed off as a real meal, and it’s not something that’s soggy, limp, or greasy.  If you adore breakfast foods and if you can’t get enough of nutella, you absolutely must try this.

I am so looking forward to going back for another yummy meal sometime.  I am eyeing that vanilla steamer and I am eyeing their looong list of panini sandwiches (avocado…cheese…um, yes, I’m in!).  I’m so glad this lovely café popped up on my Twitter feed over a month ago.  It makes the scrapbooker in me giddy, they serve amazing drinks that still shock me to this day with their size (and probably make my bladder a bit nervous), and they gave me a tummyful of awesome nutella waffle.


Café Cocoa Latte is located at 671 St. Clair West, just east of Christie St. and west of Wychwood Ave.  Their hours are 8am-5pm through Monday-Sunday.  The easiest way to get here is by taking the St. Clair streetcar westbound, or the 126 Christie bus going northbound from Christie subway station.

Scrapbooking materials: baby blue & chocolate brown cardstock (Recollections); black, baby blue, and white patterned scalloped paper (Colorbök); baby pink & white polka dotted patterned paper; baby blue & brown patterned paper (Choco-Mod Patterns by DCWV); adhesive pearls (Recollections); black & gray floral epoxy stickers (Black Tie by atd); pink & brown heart printed ribbon (Valentine by Michaels); black & white polka dotted alphabet stickers (atd); coffee embellishments (Pierre Belvédère); croissant stickers (Sticko, Martha Stewart crafts).

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