Calling All Nutella Lovers: Chai Lattes, Vanilla Steamers & The Banana Nutella Waffle at CocoaLatte! Part I


Aside from those are who allergic to nuts and/or chocolate (or unfortunately to both like my best friend), I don’t know a darn person who doesn’t have somewhat of a love affair with Nutella.  And if you don’t love Nutella…well, I don’t know how successful it would be to forge a friendship, or to keep one at that.  Sigh, that’s how I roll.  I know how crazy people are about Nutella and the lengths some will go to eat the luscious, chocolatey, hazelnut cocoa spread and yes, this includes those who have allergies!  Pst, I’m looking at you, Quincy 😉 

Ever since I started this blog, I’ve honed in on several goals that I want to achieve in my lifetime, or at least for a good number of years: visit as many cupcakeries at possible (and consequently, taste as many different cupcakes as my sugar tummy will allow), find great vegetarian and vegan sandwiches, and hunt down as many delicious Nutella food items as I can.  I even have my own personal tip line going (aka. friends who nudge me in the right direction by suggesting things and places and then happily tell me to run along) which makes the taste tour even more fun!  “Go try the Nutella latte at Snakes n’ Lattes!”, “Ooo, there’s a Nutella cupcake at Dlish!”  What can I say?  My friends love me and genuinely care about my foodie adventures and the blog.  Either that, or they all want me to get fat.  Hmph.

If you loved that last photo, you will LOVE what I have in store for you all tomorrow.  You know I can’t post all my photos in my one post 😉  I adore Café Cocoa Latte on St. Clair West and I am super excited to dish about my first visit there and why I would go back again and again, so grab a napkin and prepare yourself for one hell of a Nutella breakfast feast tomorrow.  Enjoy the photos!


Café Cocoa Latte is located at 671 St. Clair West, just east of Christie St. and west of Wychwood Ave.  The easiest way to get here is by taking the St. Clair streetcar westbound, or the 126 Christie bus going northbound from Christie subway station.

6 thoughts on “Calling All Nutella Lovers: Chai Lattes, Vanilla Steamers & The Banana Nutella Waffle at CocoaLatte! Part I

  1. I don’t know what you’re talking about, I never steal the tiniest amount of Nutella when the hubby isn’t looking. *innocent face*
    Eh, I figure that’s what Benedryl is for, haha.

  2. Lol at calling Quincy out! Though I don’t blame you, I’ve eaten Nutella from the jar myself. When I was in college, after coming home from the weekend I’d find a brand new jar of Nutella in my cupboard. 2 of my housemates would eat it when I was gone and then replace it. But they wouldn’t buy their own as they didn’t want the temptation in their cupboards!! It happened 2 or 3 times

    • Aww, that’s sweet of your housemates to replace the emptied one with a brand new one! So awesome that it’s basically a staple in your pantry cupboard 😀 Do you eat it with breakfast or just kind of put in on crackers and stuff like that? My mum just bought a little glass jar of it this morning and I put some on an English muffin. Mmm.

    • I love how I’ve made your list longer 😀 You’ll have a scroll of paper when you come, heehee! Yaaay for showing you more stuff you like!

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