My Love for M&Ms and the Candy Tin Collection! The Novelty of Candy and Sweet Flavours: Part III


Talk of candy, chocolates, and all things sweet over the past few days has definitely generated discussion on the blog and my Facebook!  It’s been fun and I’m so happy to be able to share my photos and to let you all see what I see around the city through my camera and my writing.  I’m excited to look for and blog about other sweet treats and to find more candy shops with awesome stuff.  To round out this 3-part M&M and candy shop series (the first of many to come!), I have photos of my M&M tin collection 😀  I’m sure some of you can relate to the enjoyment of collecting certain kinds of foodie merchandise: Coca Cola stuff, Pillsbury Doughboy things, Pez dispensers, everything cupcake related, etc. etc.  Even if you don’t collect any of these things, I’m sure you probably know someone who does! 

Many of you know what I diehard collector I am of Hello Kitty stuff, Bonne Bell lip smackers and glosses, and lip glosses in general.  However, I don’t think I’ve talked about my love of M&Ms quite so much so this collection is probably unbeknownst to many of you.  Obviously, I don’t collect everything under the sun because I honestly can’t afford to do that (judging by my Lip Smacker collection, you’d probably think otherwise, but that’s a story for a different day), but I do snatch up some items when I can and the candy tins are my absolute favourite.  For awhile, I was even ripping out and filing away M&M magazine ads!

Like my sweet friend Laia in Spain, I’m a mega fan of M&Ms and I loooove collecting the candy tins!  I adore things like tin lunch boxes and tin storage boxes, so these beautiful, colourful M&M candy tins made me “eeee” with glee when I saw them years ago.  Each tin comes with two mini packs of M&Ms and each seasonal collection comes with a variety of designs, often showcasing a different M&M character.  The adorable green M&M girl is my favourite, so I’m a fiend when it comes to picking up merchandise with her on it. 

I have three regular-sized Christmas ones, a jumbo-sized Christmas one with a cheeky “Naughty or Nice” mini spinning wheel on the front, a regular-sized Hallowe’en one, and two regular-sized Valentine’s ones.  Oh!  And two green M&M girl candy figurines!  I’m sad though because I know I’m missing tins from a previous spring collection.  Hopefully I’ll be able to stumble on them someday.  Or, you know, there’s always Ebay, ha!  The packets of M&Ms inside are your good ol’ fashioned milk chocolate and they taste the same, if not better, than any regular package you’ll get out there.  I can’t even imagine how crazy I’d be if they came out with special tins like these holding the special flavours like coconut and whatnot.  I’d be in conniptions.

With the exception of the jumbo-sized Christmas tin which my boyfriend bought for me at Uncle John’s Candy Shack, all of them I bought from Shoppers Drug Mart.  I love how colourful and cute they are and I always look forward to the seasonal merchandise that comes out near the start of every season or large-scale holiday.  The discussion about sweets has been great, so keep it coming on the blog and my Twitter and Facebook!  I would love to know what special flavours and sweets you have in your region and if any of you have collections too!       

8 thoughts on “My Love for M&Ms and the Candy Tin Collection! The Novelty of Candy and Sweet Flavours: Part III

  1. you’d love the huge M&M’s store in las vegas and i think there’s one in chicago too! my sister collects M&Ms stuff as well – she bought a few things from the las vegas store when we were there in may.

    • Oh my gosh, so cute that your sister collects M&Ms stuff too!! I have M&Ms Christmas ornaments, love them ^_^ And YES, I would LOVE to go to an M&Ms store, I didn’t even know they existed! I have to put that on my “to do during my lifetime” list. So wish I could go.

  2. you’re too sweet!
    and yes, I do love m&m’s hehehe I wish I could eat a big bag now, but it’s getting hot so no chocolate till september…it melts easily!
    ❤ Laia

    • I know, I avoid buying any chocolate on super hot days too. I miss swapping with you! And I want to find more flavours and see if you’ve tried them, haha. I’ll probably try the strawberry peanut butter ones next.

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