Fruit, Muffins, and Pies – A Farmers’ Market That’s Close To The Heart at SickKids Hospital


I am SO sorry for not posting yesterday.  I had every intention of posting these pictures and doing a write-up after I came home from downtown yesterday evening, but as luck would have it, technology problems struck.  Long story short, everything on my SD memory card was inaccessible and unreadable (it got to the point where both my laptop and my dad’s desktop couldn’t even recognize the removable disk drive) and after many failed attempts at trying to open my files, I had to do things the “hard” way.  I had to manually transfer all my photos that hadn’t been copied onto my hard drive from my SD card to the internal memory of my camera and from the camera to my laptop hard drive…8 photos at a time.  I had 80 photos – do the math.  I was up till midnight doing this and I was so crushed that I had missed an unintended posting day for you guys.  After reformatting, the memory card is healthy again so no more kerfluffles like these again!

I hope you guys have been enjoying the farmers’ market series so far!  I’m having so much fun going to a different one each week and every so often I’m going to go back to ones I’ve already been to just to see what’s new and kicking.  I’ve been having such a good time that I’m going to try my hardest to make attending farmers’ markets once a week a long-term goal.  I love seeing fruits and vegetables I’ve never seen or eaten before, and the amazing baked goods (both vegan and otherwise) are an amazing added bonus for me.  I know a lot of these markets are only out during the summer, but I know there will still be plenty to explore come fall and winter too.

Yesterday’s farmers’ market of choice: The Hospital for Sick Children here in Toronto, or as it’s often referred to, SickKids Hospital.  SickKids is one of the most renowed children’s hospitals in the country, and even in the world, so attending the farmers’ market outside the front terrace of the hospital meant a lot, especially on their opening market day.  I know as only one person, my hands are tied in how much I can contribute to the hospital and foundation, both financially and voluntarily, but everything everyone does counts.  I promised myself that once I made decent money, I would do everything I could for SickKids because I feel so strongly in supporting our hospitals and especially one that is solely dedicated to caring for children.  And if you’re wondering, yes, there’s a personal connection to SickKids as I was once a patient here when I was very, very young with, according to my mother, a fever so high it nearly killed me.  I’m alive and kickin’ though (obviously, ha!) and enjoying life the best that I can!

Even though some farmers’ markets have some of the same types of vendors across the board, each one has its own star and the name of the game for me yesterday was pie, muffins, and cakes! 😀  There was this fantastic booth with a plethora of fresh baked muffins, pies, pie slices, and cake loaves made with fruit grown on Loffredo Fruit Farms in St. Catherines.  I knew my family had just finished an apple pie the other day so I didn’t want to pick up another pie (variety is the spice of life, right??) and I knew we had some banana cake, so I went with a gorgeous looking half-dozen pack of apple buttermilk muffins

I may not be much of a muffin person (confuse a cupcake for a muffin and I will go bat apeing crazy at you), but my mom and brother loooove muffins and they also love apple baked goods, so I knew they would be salivating and devouring the apple buttermilk ones.  There were so many different kinds of pies and muffins: apple, cherry, banana, rhubarb raspberry, and mixed buttermilk fruit varieties.  I’m so glad I went and I can’t wait to see what other markets have in store for me.  Enjoy the photos!


The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) is located at 555 University Ave. at Gerrard St.  The outdoor farmers’ market takes place every Tuesday from 9am-2pm from June 7th to October 25th.   

4 thoughts on “Fruit, Muffins, and Pies – A Farmers’ Market That’s Close To The Heart at SickKids Hospital

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