Weekly Feature: The Grad Lounge – Me, My Boyfriend, and the Turkey BLT Panini: A Fond Love Story


Let it be known that this is the only Grad Lounge dish being featured on the blog that has not been “nom, nom, nom”ed by me personally.  Yes, that is right, this panini sandwich has actually never been in my mouth, has never graced my digestive tract.  Not in its entirety anyway.  I know, shocking!  Especially considering this is a permanent menu item available every day.  So, how exactly did I get photos of it?  Easy.  My sweetie of a boyfriend, Richard, orders it all the time when we eat here and I simply go click happy with my camera before he starts eating it.  He humours me.  He drums his fingers on the table, looks out the window, and looks up at me expectantly when I appear to be finished giving the sandwich the red carpet treatment.  Now, I know it seems a bit weird to feature something from The Grad Lounge that I’ve never actually eaten on the blog, but I wanted to put these photos up because 1) if I can show off a menu item I haven’t yet blogged about, I will and 2) there’s a cute story behind this dish.

I mentioned up top that I haven’t eaten this turkey BLT in its entirety.  So obviously if you read between the lines, you gather that I have eaten some segment, some portion of it, if not the whole thing.  And I have.  I have eaten the tomato and the pickle spear.  Oh, and the little dipping mayo sauce.  *laughs*  I’m not kidding.  Richard doesn’t really care for dill pickles or sauce (he likes his food “naked”, hee) and he hates tomatoes with a passion to my dismay.  He basically loves this sandwich because of the other three compenents (namely the bacon, turkey, and romaine lettuce) and happily munches away while I eat his tomatoes and crunch on the delicious dill pickle.  And dip whatever it is that I’m eating (or a few fries off his plate) in the dipping mayo.  I like tomatoes and I looooove dill pickles and sauce so the arrangement, albeit a bit weird, works for us. 

I look back at these memories fondly.  It’s something that doesn’t even need discussion.  I order whatever meal it is that I’m ordering, he orders his sandwich and fries, he picks the tomatoes off and grins at me, I roll my eyes at him, I eat the tomatoes, and at the end of the meal I spear the juicy pickle off his plate.  And we call it a meal.  I may never be able to get my boyfriend to eat tomatoes the way I’ve gotten him to eat other things he previously believed he disliked, but that’s okay.  It makes for some sweet memories.


The Grad Lounge is located at 166 South Ross at the York University Keele campus.  The Grad Lounge’s summer operating hours are from 11:30pm-6:30pm, Monday to Friday.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Feature: The Grad Lounge – Me, My Boyfriend, and the Turkey BLT Panini: A Fond Love Story

    • Ooo, I didn’t know you loved BLTs so much! We’ll go out for some sometime. And we’ll nosh on pickles too, hee. I’ll message you soon 🙂

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