Wooden Sushi Planks and Japanese Porcelain: Green Day, Sunshine, & Scallop Rolls at Tokyo Sushi, Part II


I hope you all liked the photos and write-up yesterday!  This is Part II of my Tokyo Sushi mini series and today I’ll be showing you all some of the maki rolls they offer, as well as discussing things like seating in the restaurant and the overall pricing of sushi menu items.  You know I’m a sucker for sushi rolls and to be honest, I generally don’t order things like bento boxes or noodles or rice dishes when I’m out for sushi.  I looove noodles and rice, of course, but I’ve always been somewhat indifferent to these types of menu items, which is why it was a such a delight to eat their spicy salmon don and their spicy tuna don.  With the exception of some appetizers and dumplings, it’s one of the few non-maki roll related dishes that I really love and can see myself ordering time and time again.

My blatant display of affection for sushi rolls on the blog has also revealed how much I adore cute themes and names for sushi!  Tokyo Sushi offers a number of different rolls, in servings of 6 rolls, 7 rolls, and 8 rolls.  Be aware though that sushi rolls that aren’t listed on the lunch specials menu don’t come with the soup or salad, so it’s just something to keep that in mind when you order.  The very first roll set that I ate here was the Green Day roll 😀  How cute, right?  Named after a rock band?  Couldn’t resist.  Not to mention it was made up of MANY yummies that I love: rolls with cucumber, avocado, crunchy tempura bits, and shrimp, ALL covered in creamy slices of avocado.  Avocado and I are besties and the rolls were very good with big chunks of shrimp, YUM!

I’ve also had the Sunshine roll, with asaparagus, salmon, and mayo, as well as the spicy scallop roll.  Even though I wish the roll sets could be bigger (so instead of 6 or 7 rolls in the set, there would be 8 rolls) because I’m just that much of a sushi fiend, what I truly appreciate is how they don’t skimp on fillings and ingredients.  The salmon sashimi chunks in the Sunshine rolls were big and delicious and oh my gosh, don’t even get me started on how amazing the scallop rolls are.  Although I’ve adored all the rolls I’ve eaten here, hands down, Tokyo Sushi’s spicy scallop rolls are freakin’ amazing.  “I could eat 2 dozen of these” amazing.  These rolls have large chunks of fresh white scallops with avocado, shredded lettuce, and more of that oh-so-yummy mayo that I talked about yesterday.  I LOVE THESE ROLLS SO MUCH.

I know I’ve eaten at quite a few sushi places in and outside of the city, but jeebus these rolls totally sit in my Top 5 favourite kinds of sushi maki rolls now.  Just to be clear though, these aren’t as spicy as the name leads you to believe.  I know some people who love heat might a bit let-down by the lack of spiciness in the rolls, but for those who have a very low tolerance for heat, these are fine for you.  I felt a very subtle prickling on my tongue from the spiciness, but really, they’re not anything to be alarmed about.  These rolls are delicious and I would recommend them as THE roll to order when you come here 😀

Tokyo Sushi is not a sushi bar that you’d go to for el cheapo sushi though.  Their food is fantastic and I don’t have an issue paying a bit more for the sushi; if I did I wouldn’t eat here.  But this is me just being honest and putting it out there that if you’re on a very tight eating out budget, you’re better off going to places like Sushi on Bloor and The Sushi Shop (both of which I’ve blogged about), or even Sushi Xtra on Queen St. West by Spadina.  

For lunch, Tokyo Sushi certainly isn’t off the chart in terms of price (and since I’ve only eaten here for lunch that’s the only meal I can vouch for), but you’re going to have to pay around $12-$15 for your meal no matter what when it’s all said and done.  I can’t imagine anyone eating only 6 rolls for lunch, so if you order 2 sets of 6 rolls for example, it’ll cost around $10 or so and because we live in the land of heavy taxes, your meal will come to at least $12 for that type of combination.  The same goes for lunch special combos that go for $9.95 like the spicy salmon don.  A place like Sushi on Bloor, on the other hand, can totally feed you on $10.  If price isn’t an issue for you and you don’t mind shelling out the few extra bucks, Tokyo Sushi truly offers some amazing stuff that you can’t get at other places.  The quality of food is VERY good and I can’t imagine the quality and/or taste of their sushi coming under fire.  I’ve enjoyed my time here so much, I look forward to the food, and I’m totally on board with eating my way through a bunch of their rolls!

The restaurant opens for business at 11am from Monday-Saturday and at 12pm on Sundays.  I love the fact that they’re open at 11am because I’m a hungry girl and I enjoy avoiding the business lunch crowd rush if possible.  And if it’s possible for you to do the same, you should.  The restaurant is tiny and it fills up FAST when 12pm hits.  There are a few tables closer to the back that fit 4-5 people and a cozy 2-person booth nearby.  Other than that, most people just park themselves down at the sushi bar.  It’s a bustling place at lunch time and I quite like it.  A lot 🙂


Tokyo Sushi is located at 33 St. Joseph Street, which is just north of Wellesley St. and just east of Bay St.  They are open for lunch at 11am and offer a number of lunch specials served from 11am-3pm.

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    • I know, it looks like it has ridges on it 😀 I could eat avocado every day for the rest of my life and be in eternal bliss.

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