Desserts & Sweet Treats – The Brazil Bakery & Pastry Ltd. Discovery on My Dundas West Trek


It’s for this reason that I have my camera with me every day 😀  I never know what I’m going to come across on when I explore neighbourhoods I’ve never been to, so having my camera on me allows me to capture photos of delicious treats and to remind myself of places I absolutely have to revisit.  Three weeks ago I told you all about my insanely long Dundas West trek and this was just one of my foodie discoveries along the way: Brazil Bakery & Pastry Ltd. located at 1566 Dundas Street West at Sheridan Ave., just east of Dufferin St.  Considering that it boasts many European-style desserts, the name of the bakery and deli is a bit of a misnomer but still a delight and feast for the eyes and tummy!  I’m looking forward to going back sometime (and bringing my mum and brother with me, they’ll go nuts over the bread and pastries!) and when I do I’ll be sure to share more photos.  I have lots to do for the blog over the weekend including some new scrapbook pages as well as a new “Calendar of Events” feature that I’ll be introducing soon, so I hope you’ll enjoy these dessert photos in the meantime!


Brazil Bakery & Pastry Ltd. is located at 1566 Dundas Street West, east of Dufferin St. on the south side of Dundas.  The bakery makes wedding cakes, desserts, pastries, and bread, and also boasts a café and deli.

2 thoughts on “Desserts & Sweet Treats – The Brazil Bakery & Pastry Ltd. Discovery on My Dundas West Trek

    • Hahahaha at “ball-looking things”!! 😀 I honestly don’t know exactly what they are, but I’m going to take a guess and say that they are either tiramisu balls or custard-like mascarpone with cocoa dusting. The next time I go, I will order this and report back. I could just ask, but doing this gives me an excuse to eat it 😀

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