The Love, Excitement, and Energy at My Market Bakery in Kensinton Market


There are so many reasons why I love writing this blog.  Not only do I feel giddy anticipation when I try out a new place, explore a new neighbourhood, or create a story through a scrapbook layout, but I also love feeling the energy of everyone around me when I’m at a great foodie place.  I feed off of it (no pun intended!) and I immerse myself in the hustle and bustle.  Every great foodie place has a story, a history, a personality, and a life.  And I love watching everything that goes on around me. 

Some people might say that I miss out on actually experiencing experiences when I’m so busy capturing the flurry of activity around me, that I can’t enjoy the moment because I’m too busy trying to capture it.  I don’t disagree entirely because it can be easy to lose those special moments when you concentrate too hard on trying to get that perfect shot or when you start overthinking things.  But for me, I don’t ever feel like I’m missing out.  I feel richer, more alive, and even more inspired after these experiences.  As an old elementary school friend once said to me years ago, “see, Debra, you remember things because you observe everything around you.  You’re a human archive”.  I thought that was so cute.

This bakery in Kensington Market makes me feel all sorts of happy.  I cannot get enough of it.  A million thoughts run through my mind even before I reach for that door handle to the bakery: ‘what treats will they have today?’; ‘ Will they have those cute meringue tarts I saw the last time?’;  ‘What kinds of sprinkled shortbread cookies are out?’; ‘ Can I just have one of everything??’  The prices are so good – my family and I walk out of here with mounds of cookies and pastries and a few loaves of bread for barely $10.  My mom and brother love picking out fresh loaves of different breads (they are both what I call “bread heads”), and I love ogling the adorable, colourful, and super delicious displays of cookies just bursting with sprinkles and frostings and jams.  I love the baby lemon shortbread cookies, anything with sprinkles, their apricot almond squares, and the mocha frosted tea cookies (shown below on the far left) are to DIE FOR.  I could eat a whole box of them oh my god. 

I know some people may not enjoy being around crowds, but I absolutely love it when it’s piping busy here.  As my mom and brother are choosing their bread of choice (sweet potato and rosemary sourdough?  Light rye?  Garlic and onion buns?  Olive bread?  Raisin bread?), I back away and for a minute time stands still as I feed off the energy around me.  Arms are flying and reaching out from behind us, grabbing loaf after loaf of fresh bread.  Little ones have their little hands and noses pressed up against the glass displays trying to decide which cookies they want.  And plenty of young-uns my age breeze in and out with their backpacks bursting with vegetables from the markets down the street, hopping on and off their bikes with their purchases slung over their shoulder.  For a minute, everyone’s enjoying life and basking in the simple pleasures.  And then there’s me, quietly taking it all in and thinking about how delicious my desserts are going to taste 😀  All from an amazing bakery very near and dear to my heart.


My Market Bakery is located at 184 Baldwin St. in Kensington Market.  The bakery is located west of Spadina Ave. and south of Nassau St.     

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