Foodie Discoveries on Dundas West!


Two weeks ago I told you all about my crazy long Dundas West trek from Bunner’s Bake Shop just west of Keele St. all the way back east to Spadina and Kensington Market!  I’m one ambitious little lady!  Along the way I made some fabulous foodie discoveries and with my trusty camera by my side, I captured several places of interest to show you all!  I’m really looking forward to exploring each little neighbourhood along Dundas West and coming back to these places to try out some of the food.  With vegan cupcakeries (OMG Baked Goodness), brunch restaurants (Lula), bakeries (Brazil Bakery & Pastries and She Takes the Cake), vegetarian eats (Cafe 668 and Greens Vegetarian), and everything in between,  I don’t think there’s ever going to be a moment where I think, “there’s nothing to do and there’s nothing to see”.  I am inspired every day and even though this trek tired out my little legs, it was mega fun and I’m SO glad I did it.  If any of you get to any one of these places before I do, let me know how you like them!  In the meantime, enjoy the photos.  It’s Friday tomorrow and the beginning of another whirlwind weekend of scrapbooking and of course, mum’s day!  See y’all tomorrow 😀


3 thoughts on “Foodie Discoveries on Dundas West!

    • Totally brightened up an otherwise drab day that day 😀 There were so many amazing graffiti art paintings on the sides of buildings along this stretch too, so beautiful. I took a ton of photos.

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