The Apple of My Eye – Sweet Apple Banana Aunt Jemima Pancakes!

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Here’s a little something to sweeten up our day: apple banana pancakes!  Yet another pancake experiment to add to the growing batch of Aunt Jemima pancake breakfasts, yay 😀  I love it when you go into something food-related not really knowing exactly how it’ll turn out or what to expect as the end result, and then having a very happy ‘Eureka!’ moment when it works out really well!  I’ve actually learned a lot just by making pancake breakfasts on such a consistent basis.  You get a feel for the different heat levels on your stove-top and you adjust accordingly through trial and error.  You learn what flavours go amazing together and what combinations to ditch.  And sometimes you discover an honest to goodness godsend.  Bananas are such an amazing thickening agent with powerful flavour; I recommend everyone to start with a banana pancake base every time and add ingredients and flavours to it.  Bananas give the pancakes great body and texture and they brown up so nicely.

Yesterday morning I also discovered that applesauce is also a godsend.  Applesauce, the stuff I used to eat in kindergarten and the stuff people eat when they’re sick and can’t stomach anything else.  It’s such a simple thing yet it works wonders.  I know that applesauce functions as a fab substitute in vegan baking, but I wanted to take my chances and see how it worked in pancakes.  I knew the flavour would be great, but I wanted to see if the liquid in the applesauce would affect the texture in a negative way causing soggy pancakes.  In combination with real apples, it is superb.  If you want a subtly sweet breakfast without the fat and calories and anything that looks remotely like lard, applesauce is your bff.  We used 2 mashed bananas, 2 cups of pancake mix, and ONE small container of the Motts Fruitsations unsweetened applesauce and it was good enough to sweeten and flavour 13 pancakes!  We didn’t even have to decrease the amount of water we used (1 1/2 cups per 2 cups of pancake mix), so the addition of applesauce and the apples worked out great. 

If you know me and about my allergies or if you remember my cupcake heartbreak story, you’ll know that I’m actually allergic to apples along with a plethora of other fruits!  I’m allergic to the raw flesh of many fruits and apples are just one of them.  Putting apples in my pancakes allows me to eat them without suffering and looking as though I got decked in the mouth.  I’m able to eat the fruit when it’s been cooked, baked, or preserved; just not raw.  We used gala apples for the pancakes and we peeled, sliced, and diced them and they retained their flavour and shape really well.  I loved these pancakes so much.  I loved them more so than the berry ones from the last time because they were firmer (they were fluffy, but too fragile in my opinion because there was more liquid from the berries and subsequently the pancakes need more cooking time) and even more than the plain banana ones because the apples gave it sweet crunch. 

You learn as you go along and sometimes it works out great and other times it’s an out-the-window chucker.  I made myself a little (or maybe not so little) pancake mountain with a sliced banana, dollops of applesauce, powdered sugar, and drizzled honey.  This one is a total keeper 😀

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