The Grad Lounge – The First 20 Posts, and Two and a Half Years of Wonderful Foodie Memories


It’s been 5 months since I started this blog and within these 5 months, I’ve written 20 posts for The Grad Lounge!  20 POSTS!  I don’t know what to be more amused about: my dedication to this weekly feature or how much I eat here!  I am so proud of showing everyone some of the great food that Mike and Paul and the rest of the staff have cooked up since I started grad school two and a half years ago, and I am so happy looking back at all the yummy things I ate and all the sweet memories and friends I’ve made here. 

In the beginning, The Grad Lounge functioned as a place for me to get away from the noisy student centre and long line-ups elsewhere on campus (read: Tim Hortons).  It quickly turned into so much more.  It offered me a place to socialize.  It offered me countless warm, comforting meals in the dead of winter, and fun barbeques in the summer.  It gave me healthier alternatives that I so desparately craved.  It offered me a place to spend time with Richard when he and I started our sweet relationship, and for a very brief period of time it even offered me employment.  Eating here expanded my palate, introducing me to new things and so many great vegetarian and vegan meals. 

I think back to the first photo I took here and I snort at how bad it looks.  I couldn’t take a decent food picture to save my life.  In this respect, it has been a practice photography studio, a creative outlet, and an inspiration for me.  And I hope that these meals have given, and will give, inspiration to everyone else!  I haven’t written about The Grad Lounge only because I want to share what I’ve eaten here; I also have the hope that these photos and meals provide you guys with ideas of your own to try at home or to give you that push to try something new.  Even though I’ve finished grad school and will be graduating in June, I’ll still be posting photos and writing about the meals because I really enjoy it.  I’ll be kicking around 😉  Here’s to the first 20 posts and to all the great memories.


The Grad Lounge is located at 166 South Ross at the York University Keele campus.  The 5 photos you see up at the top are my 5 favourite meals from the 20 meals I have posted thus far 🙂  The (v) indicates that the meal is vegetarian.

2 thoughts on “The Grad Lounge – The First 20 Posts, and Two and a Half Years of Wonderful Foodie Memories

  1. i have been suffering from loss of appetite due to my anxiety disorder. your spread here is truly helping me to regain it. i am a good cook but hung my kitchen apron due to the condition.

    now, i can go back to my kitchen and cook a storm of what i find here……and eat! thank you very much!

    • Thanks so much for commenting! I hope these dishes inspire you and I hope your love for food makes you feel good inside and out 🙂

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