A Beautiful Day to Kick Off Veggielicious!


The weather is so amazingly gorgeous today!  I went out this morning for a grocery and bakery run with my mum and I was so ecstatic to soak up that little bit of sunshine and warmth.  I even hugged my window (or rather, smushed my cheek against it) when I came home because the warmth felt so nice.  It’s days like today that make it much easier for the stress to seep out and after several days of absolute physical, mental, and emotional tiredness and exhaustion, I finally feel like I’m human again as opposed to a mish mash of mush.  It’s so beautiful outside I could honestly just roll around in the grass and be content for the rest of the day.  And to top it off, Veggielicious starts today! 😀  Click here to visit the Veggielicious website where you’ll find a list of participating restaurants and eateries in and outside of Toronto complete with Veggielicious specials and important notes and dates.  Oh!  And print out a poster too while you’re at it.  It’s adorable, hee!

I’m really looking forward to trying out a few places over the next two weeks and at the top of my list are Bunner’s Bake Shop, Live Organic Food Bar, and of course, my beloved Mela Café!  If you’re interested in drooling over Mela’s vegan eggplant panini, click here for my bootiful post of yummies!  I wish I could try so much more, but I have a really limited budget to work with right now and I needed to narrow my choices down.  I was contemplating Sadie’s Diner too but I’m still hemming and hawing on that one. 

To celebrate the beautiful weather and the kick off of Veggielicious, I’m sharing a bunch of photos of some delicious grilled veggies my family and I threw on the bah-bie last summer!  Plenty of mushrooms, bell peppers, corn, and eggplant!  Yup, it’s that time again!  Everything tastes better off the grill 😉  I’m super excited to get some Easter baking done, to eat some awesome vegetarian, vegan, and raw meals, and to park myself at as many farmer’s markets imaginable.  Life may not be perfect, but there’s so much to look forward to and it’s pretty sweet for the time being ❤

2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day to Kick Off Veggielicious!

    • ME TOO. I am excited to eat out on patios again! And it’ll be back to fighting with people for inexpensive corn in those giant cardboard corn “hot tubs” in the supermarket, haha.

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