This Is How I Celebrate! All You Can Eat and Rolling Down the Street at Sushi on 7


So how does a little lady go about celebrating and whooping after she has finished her Master’s degree?  She goes out for all you can eat sushi 😀  After years and months of researching, writing, rewriting, reading, creating mountains of paper that rival Mount Everest, more rewriting, and tears and frustration, school is over my lovelies and I finished my degree last week!  As a pre-celebration, my sweetie and I went out for all you can eat sushi several weeks ago and tried out Sushi on 7 in Markham, a place that I had been meaning to try for awhile now.  After also celebrating my dad’s birthday here this past weekend, I can most certainly give this sushi AYCE a happy thumbs up!  I enjoyed myself the first time just fine, but it never hurts to have your opinion solidifed the second time around.  Mmmm.

Now, if you’re unfamiliar with sushi all you can eats, here’s the deal: it’s not like self-serve buffets where you heap food onto your own plates.  Although some Asian-sushi fusion places have a self-serve component to them (for example, Wasabi Japanese Buffet in Markham), the sushi parts are always through order placing.  A lot of sushi AYCEs will have pads of paper with a complete listing of all the menu items available for you to choose.  You go through the menu, decide which items you want to gorge on, write down how many of each item you want (for items that come in multiples, you can double check with restaurant staff to make sure how many are included in each set.  For example, things like maki rolls, scallops, chicken or fish skewers, things like that) and hand the paper over to a waiter or waitress who will then deliver your order to the kitchen staff. 

Rinse and repeat!  😀  You can order as many rounds as you want, till you’re so full you roll down the street, ha.  Don’t leave leftovers though.  Sushi AYCEs charge per piece for anything that isn’t eaten, so take your time and order little bits at a time if you need to.  There’s no limit to the number of rounds you can do!  I loooove sushi AYCEs because it’s great for big appetites and you get bang for you buck.  Going to a sit-down sushi bar where you order individual items is fine when you only want 1 or 2 things, but if you want things like sashimi which are more expensive, AYCE is the route to go. 

Out of what we ordered, appetizers include soups, chicken and beef skewers, fried scallops (these are large and so yummy!), squid skewers, popcorn chicken, shrimp, vegetable, and crab tempura, beef tenderloin, tofu, salads, and plenty of others.  There are non-sushi mains such as rice and udon, and plenty of sushi, hand rolls, and maki, as well as other special items like sushi pizza, dragon rolls, and desserts (I heart the coconut jello so bad!).

Sushi on 7 is totally on par with average AYCE dinner prices: $18.99 for weekdays, $20.99 for Fridays and weekends.  The quality was great (the sashimi slices are awesomely thick and they’re not served icy or lukewarm) and the selection, although not the most expansive I’ve seen, is still very decent.  There was plenty to choose from, but if you’re a huge tuna (maguro) fan, I’d caution you just because it doesn’t make much of an appearance in the menu, they have more much items featuring salmon and salmon sashimi.  Twas a fun meal both times, and I happily rolled myself back home 😀


Sushi on 7 is located at 4568 Hwy 7., just west of Kennedy Rd. in Markham on the north side of Hwy 7.  They offer 10% discount coupons that can be used for meals paid in cash and these coupons are availabe online.  As soon as I get the link, I’ll post it here!

4 thoughts on “This Is How I Celebrate! All You Can Eat and Rolling Down the Street at Sushi on 7

    • Thank you Sarah!! 😀 I’m so relieved I could cry! Even more than I already have, haha. I’m taking a much needed break and quite frankly, I’m due for a vacation!

    • Thank you, Breige! And oh my goodness, I’d be in conniptions if I had a trip to Ireland lined up. I so desparately want to relax in a beautiful place for a good week.

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