Taste the Rainbow! Sweet, Airy Macarons From Petite Thuet


You knew another macaron post would show up on my blog eventually 😉  I recently read in a food magazine that macarons have become the new cupcakes, and that cupcakes had their time in the spotlight and macarons are, if I can put it, the “Ooo la la, haute couture” of pastry desserts and sweet confections.  Although I love macarons dearly and find them absolutely darling, I completely disagree.  I love cupcakes and always will, period.  And so will many other people.  I know interests are piqued and new loves are formed as time goes on, but I find the notion of food as “trendy” absolutely ludacris.  The role that food plays in our lives may evolve as we grow older, develop new relationships, and take on different lifestyles, but food should never be “trendy”.  You either like it, or you don’t, and you like your food because it genuinely makes you happy, not because everyone and their mother is stuffing their face with it.

The macaron is one of those desserts that really stirs up a ton of debate and emotion among foodies.  The frustrations with soggy meringue shells when not made properly, the pure delight in simply seeing the myriad colours and flavours, and finding that perfect dual texture of crispy, yet light and creamy.  I wanted to approach macarons from two angles: the accessible, supermarket bakery angle and the gourmet pastry shop angle.  We may love food, but it’s important to remember that luxuries such as macarons may not be accessible to everyone, and the accessibility and enjoyment of such things shouldn’t be inhibited by the size of your wallet or the area in which you live in.

I first found out about Petite Thuet from an issue of Where magazine and to my delight, there was a location smack dab in the core of downtown Toronto: 1 King St. West, right at the southwest corner of Yonge and King St.  Petit Thuet is a gourmet bakery, pastry, and food shop, offering sweet treats such as macarons, lemon meringue tarts, flaky fruit and almond pastries, freshly baked croissants and artisan breads, jams and preserves, packaged meats and sauces, and other baked goods.

Macarons are priced at $1.95 each and come in so many flavours!  I enjoyed 2 lovely, dainty macarons, one in hazelnut and the other in rosewater.  I chose them based on appearance only.  I had no idea what flavour I was getting because I honestly didn’t bother looking at the list of flavours.  The sweet tooth in me snarled and said, “just pick 2 damn macarons and let me eat them!”  If I can make a recommendation, the rosewater macaron is delicious.  I’m salivating just thinking about it.  Pretty in pink, the cream is soft and sweet without being cavity inducing, and the meringue shell is crispy and so flavourful.  It’s not chewy or dry or soggy; it’s light and airy and creamy.  And because I didn’t know what the flavour was initially, I knew the flavour was bang on when I ate it because I knew it was rosewater as soon as I bit into it, “this is rosewater, omg, yummy!”

I recently discovered a 2nd location in the Rosedale neighbourhood (between Summerhill and Rosedale subway station on Yonge St.) and when I went in, I saw a fresh platter of breakfast croissants and a plate with a pyramid of freshly baked donut holes rolled in sugar.  I wanted to jump on them.  Tis all.


Petite Thuet serves 3 locations in downtown/midtown Toronto:

  1. 1162 Yonge St. (between Summerhill and Rosedale subway stations, on the west side of Yonge St.)
  2. 1 King St. West (at the corner of Yonge and King St.)
  3. 244 King St. East (between Sherbourne and Princess St.)

8 thoughts on “Taste the Rainbow! Sweet, Airy Macarons From Petite Thuet

  1. Yum, yum, yum! I just followed the link back to your Metro macaron post and those ones look huuuge. Must. Have. Macarons.

    • The ones from Metro are indeed huge! They’re like the size of hockey pucks, haha. When we have some monies, I say we have a macaron date 😀 I want to try the lemon one especially, but I basically want to eat them all.

  2. My love for macarons is so great. This is one of the few baked goods I have not wanted to try to make… would just prefer to eat them up. I’ve never really wanted to go to France, but I would just to eat their macarons. these look lovely!

    • I know what you mean, I don’t think I’m going to attempt making my own macarons for at least another few years. I don’t want to ruin them for myself, haha! I’m totally cool making cuppycakes and cookies and stuff for the time being. I’m going to try some other flavours next time, maybe a raspberry and lemon or something 🙂

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  4. I’ve had the chocolate and rosewater today and I thought the chocolate filling was too thick, takes away from enjoying the nice shells on that one. As for the rosewater, the filling was nice and creamy but the outside shells tasted like hard, stale cookies. Maybe I just had a stale one. =( Sort of disappointed, I was really looking forward to these, but I’ve had much better macarons elsewhere.

    • Aww, I’m sorry that your experience with them wasn’t so hot :\ I really loved the rosewater one. There are definitely other places with very awesome macarons (La Bamboche and Daniel & Daniel), but I’d still love to try some other flavours that Petit Thuet has to offer 🙂

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