A Springtime Avocado & White Bean Salad to Brighten Up the Palate!

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Okay, so the weather outside was absolutely frightful today.  A mix of wet snow, sleet, ice pellets, hail, and everything in the kitchen sink falling from the sky does not make for a fun day out.  But!  I’m here to the rescue!  Instead of looking out the window and wanting to bang your head against the wall because winter knocked on the door and sweetly said, “did you miss me?”, you can look at my bright and yummy avocado and white bean salad instead! 😀  Yesterday I posted photos and wrote about Fresh’s white bean and avocado dosas, and it was that particular dish that inspired me to create this one over the weekend.  My mum and I had a great time making it (we love using our cute little colander, haha.  If you can believe it, I bought it from Bath and Body Works!) and a VERY good time eating it!  We had plenty of avocados that were nice and ripe and this salad made for a fantastic vegetarian dinner.

We used white kidney beans, avocados, sweet corn, diced green bell pepper, chopped green onion, a nice fistful of chopped cilantro, and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.  SO DELICIOUS OH MY GOODNESS.  I just love the versatility of beans and avocado.  I loved the combination of mashed black beans with baby spinach and alfalfa sprouts with a dollop of sour cream, and I absolutely adore this combination too.  The kidney beans have this great potato-y, earthy flavour, you have that creaminess from the avocado and corn, the cilantro gives it that fresh, spicy zing, and the bright, crunchy bell pepper and green onions give it the salad lots of extra texture which complements the softness of everything else.  My mum and I were heaping spoonfuls of this salad on our dinner plates!  

The salad itself could have definitely functioned as a main meal, but I ate it with a bowl of yummy udon noodles with a drizzle of sesame oil and a sprinkling of black pepper and red chili flakes.  I love udon noodles, with or without the soup broth.  My mum and I will usually grab several packs of udon noodles at the Chinese supermarket and when I eat non-veggie meals, I’ll eat them with some pork chops and veggies, or with cut up hot dog weenies and mixed veggies, ha.  Yummy to the max!

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