Feeding the Soul – Condolences and Love for Those Affected by the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

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It feels like yesterday when I donated money for the Asian tsunami that hit back in 2004 during my 2nd year of undergrad and I can’t even begin to register the images I’m seeing today on the tv news and on the internet of the one that just happened in Japan.  I didn’t feel right writing up my daily blog post without at least acknowledging the earthquake and tsunami and this is just my small way of sending my love and hopeful wishes to everyone affected by it in every region (Japan, Hawaii, New Zealand, and others) – family, friends, friends of friends, everyone.  Even though it didn’t happen here, the connections and feelings of community between family and friends across the world are very real and all we have to do is look to technology and social networking sites to see these connections spread like crazy.  At times like this, sometimes you don’t even know how to respond.  You hear and watch with your mouth gaping open and you don’t even know what to do with yourself at first.  For the time being though, for those who wish to learn more about ways they can get involved with relief efforts or just lending a helping hand with a donation, check out the Foreign and International Affairs page on the Canadian government website here.  I’ll update more if and when I get more news about ways to help.  In the meantime, hug those you love close to you and stay safe.  I love you guys ❤

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