Foodie, Starbucks, and Sweet Tooth Alert! Hot Off the Press: Petite Desserts!


I think this may be an Ate by Ate first: two posts in a day?!  I know, how ambitious of me!  Not really, more like excited and very eager to share 😀  I love writing, photographing, and scrapbooking about food in general, yes, but I also like to keep up with the up and coming around the city if and when I can (there’s only one of me, so I can only see and hear so much on my own) and what better way to make sure news hits the fan than to blog about it? 

Hot off the press: NEW Starbucks minis!!  The petite desserts, as they’re referred to, are brand spankin’ new and as luck would have it, I stumbled on them by accident today.  I was out and about today, walking from St. Clair station down to Bloor, and stopped by Cumberland Terrace and Hudson’s Bay Centre with my boyfriend.  The boy wanted to grab a quick Tazo tea from Starbucks so I followed him inside and gasped when I saw the display of mini goodies.  Mini cupcakes!  Mini lemon squares!  Scrumptious-looking cake pops!  And…OH MY GOD, mini red velvet whoopie pies!!!  I was stunned for a good few seconds before I snapped out of it and chastised myself: “woman, what are you still doing here staring??  Hurry up and snap some pictures and get that last whoopie pie!”  And so I did.  Along with a mini lemon square.  Because lemon and I are meant to be.  As well as whoopie pie and me.

Although I love all things lemon, it’s the whoopie pie you all need to try.  Ahhh, my little red velvet whoopie pie.  It was scrumptious.  CREAM CHEESE FROSTING FILLING, PEOPLE!  I think I could eat half a dozen of these.  I am crazy about whoopie pies (the name itself is adorable and deserves a fanclub) so I went nuts when I saw these.  The petite desserts are available at all Starbucks locations, but the selection of desserts may vary depending on location and time of day so if you’re able, check out a few locations if you’re interested in trying a few different items.  They’re $1.60 for one and 2 for $3, so I got myself a nice little discount.  So to all the Starbucks and fellow sweet tooth addicts, there’s your news for the day, hot off the press! 😀


10 thoughts on “Foodie, Starbucks, and Sweet Tooth Alert! Hot Off the Press: Petite Desserts!

  1. Just LOOKING at this made me toss all willpower to not eat the last slice of cake out the window (mocha bliss, in case you were curious, which I bet you were!) So now I need to go get a fork and dig in!

    However, I’m wishing it was that red velet whoopie pie instead! Good lord, heaven in a mini version! YUM. Sadly I was just at a Starbucks on Sat night, and they did not have them there (or I could have never resisted….) They did, however, manage to screw up both drinks I ordered… sighs. Not cool, Starbucks, not cool!

    Note to self: learn how to bake whoopie pies with Deb some day, and bring along my amazing cream cheese frosting recipe…. for the filling 😉

    • Ooo, mocha cake is awesome, YUM! There’s this Chinese tea place I like to go to that has these little cubes of iced mocha cake and I miss them. And the minis at Starbucks were probably just released yesterday or the day before which is most likely why you didn’t see them on the weekend. Hopefully the desserts will make up for the messed up orders *sad face*

      And oh my goodness, YES, I would LOVE to make homemade whoopie pies with you! 😀 I really wish I had a kitchen of my own to play around in :\

  2. Holy shit, those are awesome. I just saw a commercial for a free petite dessert with a drink purchase from 2-5pm this Thursday through Saturday. All things lemon and I are soulmates, too 🙂

    • Ooo, yes, my friend forwarded me the newsletter with the promo! 🙂 I’d be really interested in trying the mini carrot cake cupcake. And we should have ourselves a lemon everything party, it’d be awesome. Shortbread cookies, cupcakes, pastries, mmm.

  3. i tried the red velvet whoopie pie and tiramisu cake pop today! the red velvet was GOOD, but the tiramisu was only okay – it was basically like undercooked squishy coffee-flavoured cake stuff dipped in white chocolate. too sweet for my not-that-sweet tooth!

    • Aww, that’s too bad it wasn’t awesome, but that’s good to know! Not everything hits the mark and that’s how I felt about the lemon square. Just “eh” and nothing to write home about. But you know what that means: an inclusive whoopie pie party just for us 😀

    • I love whoopie pies so much 😀 Do you have an idea on what flavour(s) you’ll do? I’ll pretty much eat anything, haha. I think I’ll look up some recipes of my own and give it a whirl.

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