Apple Cider to Warm Up My Morning


This is how I spend a relaxing, low-key morning – with a warm mug of sweet apple cider and a Homemakers magazine!  😀  Not pictured: Lush Times catalogue.  It was windy, gusty, and bitterly cold yesterday so I hugged my apple cider for a few hours as I thumbed through recipes for chicken and mango stir-fry, and popcorn toppings and seasonings, all the while jotting down blogging notes in my little blue muffymade fashionista notebook.  It was really nice.  The apple cider was delicious, I was enjoying an apple-related something with no worries of blowing up like a blowfish, and I was alone with my thoughts.  I cherish mornings like these.  I love flipping through and reading my food magazines for inspiration and Homemakers has been a long time staple in my life! 

After receiving a free copy at last weekend’s Bloor/Yorkville Icefest, I was transported back to the age of 7 and 8 when I used to read my grandmother’s Homemarkers magazines.  She would get them delivered to her apartment for free and because she couldn’t read English, I would happily read them while I was over there and take them home with me when I left.  I would use them for food collages and I would look forward to the recipes section in each issue every time.  The holiday issues were especially amazing as they would include pullout booklets and all the fixins’.  Sure, I was only 7 or 8 at the time and no where near being a homemaker myself, but reading these magazines ignited a fire in me and till this day the passion to learn is still as strong as it was when I was little.  This “little” magazine will always hold a very special place in my heart. 


Dark Horse Espresso Bar serves 3 locations in downtown Toronto:

  1. 215 Spadina Ave. (nearest intersection is Queen St. West and Spadina, about a block or two north of Queen on the east side of Spadina)
  2. 682 Queen St. East (located in the Riverside neighbourhood, west of Broadview Ave.)
  3. 684 Queen St. West (located at Euclid Ave. on the north side of Queen)  

2 thoughts on “Apple Cider to Warm Up My Morning

  1. I’m definitely not the “homemaker” type (yet!), but I love reading those magazines. There’s just something so cozy and comforting about them. That sounds strange ha.

    • Not strange at all! 😀 I feel the same way and loving curling up with these magazines all the time. I subscribed for two years a number of years ago and still have a ton of old ones from when I was little stashed away and it makes me want to haul them out and flip them through again. SO amazing for recipes!

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