Because I Love Black Beans and Avocado That Much! A Black Bean Burrito My Way

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Following from yesterday’s Fresh post, I’m going to continue declaring my love for black beans!  I loved my black bean burrito dish from Fresh SO much that I wanted to create my own version.  And oh my goodness was this ever delicious and satisfying.  We had a bunch of whole wheat tortillas left over from a previous tortilla night (you know, those nights when you make a batch of chicken or ground beef, make some salsa, chop up a bunch vegetables, that kind of thing) and I had a great idea: make bean burrito filling to go with it!  

It was really fun preparing for this meal just because it felt like it was coming more from me than it was from my mum who does the cooking in the house, you know?  From the grocery shopping to the black bean mashing with my potato masher, it felt good to see a meal from start to finish.  Not to mention that even though my family isn’t vegetarian, it’s been so cool seeing them embrace more vegetarian meals and foods.  Even my carnivore of a brother loves the soy cheese I bought!  😀  He was little weirded out by my meat-less meal, but hey, if I can get him to really like soy cheese, I’ll eventually be able to get him to eat a meal without meat one day!  The black beans were from President’s Blue Menu and they were really good.  A few rinses in the colander and they were good to go.  I had myself a field day with this meal: lots of baby spinach, a handful of alfalfa sprouts, mashed black beans, wedges of avocado with freshly squeezed lime juice, and a dollop of sour cream with a sprinkling of green onions.  SO YUMMY.  Dinner is served! 😀

One thought on “Because I Love Black Beans and Avocado That Much! A Black Bean Burrito My Way

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