Don’t Get Fresh With Us…Or Maybe You Can – Black Bean and Vegetarian Deliciousness at Fresh!


Me and Fresh were finally introduced over the holiday season and I must say, we have become close friends.  We had an instant connection from the beginning and Fresh enjoys my company very much.  Fresh serves me food and I eat it.  It’s win-win for everyone 😀  *laughs*  In all seriousness though, I can’t believe it actually took me so long to eat at Fresh and I was sad that I missed out on my first Fresh dinner with friends from out of town back in November.  My friend Wini raved about the food here and after salivating over everything on their menu online, it was just a matter of time before Fresh and I became acquainted.  But I redeemed myself for my tardiness over the holidays with an awesome lunch and lunch date with my dear friend Katrina from The Demure Muse and it was truly one of my favourites meals EVER, on top of being a really sweet holiday get-together with a friend I don’t get to see often enough ❤

Fresh lives up to its name in food, in decor, and all-around feel.  Everything is bright and cheery and as a nutty scrapbooker, the walls look like patterned scrapbook paper and that makes me happy!  Beautiful colours of green, brown, orange, blue, and magenta burst from the menu and decor and even though the spaces are tighter, it really gives off a warm, communal vibe.  The kind of place where you enjoy the company of friends along with conversation with your next door table and waitress or waiter!  It makes you feel GOOD and it’s a mega popular joint that fills up fast!  And it’s a vegetarian and vegan haven.  Almond, tofu, and veggie burgers, cornbread, curries, soups, noodle bowls, wraps and burritos, and fruit smoothies, protein shakes, and fresh fruit juice are just SOME of the mouth-watering menu items.  Fresh makes it their priority to be socially and environmentally conscious with their food, so they offer wheat and gluten-free options, as well as cheese that is rennet-free (rennet being the digestive enzymes found in the stomaches of cows).

I love me some beans.  I love bean spread, bean salad, bean chili, and especially bean burritos!  The lovely thing about Fresh is that you have the option of enjoying their burritos and wraps in either the grilled whole wheat tortilla or without the tortilla and instead on a bed of greens.  Not don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the grilled goodness of a tortilla as much as the next person, but to have everything IN my burrito ON a bed of leafy green salad for me to fork (or rather chopstick) and stuff in my mouth?!  Inhaling Munching mouthful after mouthful of yummy wrap filling and soft greens, OH.MY.GOD.  And this dish was OH.MY.GOD. ten times over. 

The black bean burrito, with spicy black beans, avocado, lots of alfalfa sprouts, diced cucumber and red onion, freshly chopped cilantro, and slices of tomato on the side as well as Fresh’s signature coleslaw.  Oh!  And I added gorgonzola cheese to it too!  And I munched and washed it down with a yummy glass of lemonade sweetened with agave 🙂  This dish was all sorts of amazing.  It was warm and so wholesome and the black beans had the texture and consistency of soft beans and bean spread and the combination of this with the avocado, gorgonzola, and alfalfa was just yummy and crunchy and creamy…oh gosh, I just want to stuff my face into a whole plate of it now!

I enjoyed my food and eating experience SO MUCH here.  It’s one of those places that I can go back over and over and over and not get bored.  I get excited about going and trying everything I possibly can off their menu.  It makes me all warm and fuzzy knowing that everything is truly delicious and wholesome and full of love and heart.  This outing was special all around, not just with the food but also with the company and it’s food memories like these that I really cherish and keep close to my heart.


Fresh currently serves 3 locations in downtown Toronto:

  1. 326 Bloor St. West (right off the intersection of Spadina Ave. and Bloor St. West, just east of Spadina)
  2. 894 Queen St. West (at the intersection of Crawford St. and Queen St. West, near Trinity Bellwoods Park)
  3. 147 Spadina Ave. (near the intersection of Spadina Ave. and Queen St. West, a block south of Queen)

Big hugs and thanks to Katrina for the picture of me!

Scrapbooking materials used: blue, lime green, emerald green, and tangerine orange cardstock (Recollections); green pinstriped patterned paper (Recollections); blue striped patterned paper; alphabet stickers (K & Company); chipboard adhesive button embellisments (WT Westrim Crafts); orange butterfly pebble clip (‘M’ Making Memories); snowflake embellisment stickers (Recollections); medium scallop circle paper punch (ek success); circle paper punch (marvy uchida); corner rounder (ek success); scallop edge scissors (Prova Craft).

7 thoughts on “Don’t Get Fresh With Us…Or Maybe You Can – Black Bean and Vegetarian Deliciousness at Fresh!

    • I know, it’s makes you happy just to eat here! And hahaha, at this rate, you’ll be staying in Toronto for weeks 😀 Which is awesome, it means more Sarah time ^_^

    • I’m so happy you like them! And I try! 😀 That’s one of my favourite parts of creating the pages, picking out the colours! It’s like picking out paint chip samples, haha.

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