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Happy Valentine’s, everyone!  It’s really important to me to write and post in my blog every day, so I wrote this as a draft this morning because I was unsure if a morning Happy Valentine’s post would be necessary: “In case I don’t get a chance to write or post pictures tonight (either because I can’t organize my photos in time or because I’m too full and can’t get up, I just want to wish everyone a very sweet Valentine’s today.  Oh, and I want shortbread cookies like nobody’s business.  Lots of cupcake love to everyone!”

Okay, so there’s no way I can whip up a cute scrapbook layout of today’s photos, much less get photos of the layout itself – that would be insane and I’m not THAT much of a superwoman!  So the scrapbook pages incorporating some of today’s photos will have to wait and as much as I hate making separate posts of food stuffs and the respective scrapbook pages, I HAVE to show you all a few pictures from today.  Today was SO much fun and I am so full.  Of food, yes, but also of love -from my boyfriend, my friends, family, and from sweet strangers who have become friends.  Today was a Valentine’s to remember in so many ways and I am so happy.  A much more thorough written post about the food and sweets tomorrow, but for now, here are a few teaser photos 😉  I hope everyone’s day was sweet and happy, as it should be every day of the year ❤

"The Sweetheart" - Two Halves of the Same Whole ❤

Special Valentine's packaging!

Best of both worlds - vanilla & chocolate!

The start to a wonderful meal ❤

Much more to come tomorrow.  Good night everyone! ❤

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