Happy Chinese New Year! Part I: Celebrating the Day at Market Village & Pacific Mall


Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! 😀  I spent the day at Market Village and Pacific Mall (two very popular Chinese retail destinations that have been a part of my childhood and adulthood for years, located just north of the Steeles Scarborough/Markham border on Kennedy Rd. and Steeles Ave.) and had a blast spending actual new year’s day enjoying the special festivities, booths, and FOOD!  I surrounded myself with booths and booths of colourful Chinese candies, containers full of sesame balls and lotus paste pastries, dumplings, and green tea waffle cake!  It’s not often I get to do this; in the past I was always in school on new year’s day if it fell on a weekday and there were only a few times to my recollection that I celebrated on the day of if it fell on a weekend and that’s when my family felt prepared enough to brave the crowds, ha!  This is part one of my three-part Chinese New Year celebration, so enjoy the photos and happy new year – sun leen fai lok! ❤


Pacific Mall and Market Village are located at 4300 Steeles Ave. East, right at the intersection of Kennedy Rd. and Steeles.  They are open 365 days of the year and with the exception of eateries that serve breakfast, they typically open their stores closer to 11am and 12 noon (Market Village and Pacific Mall respectively), so keep that mind if you plan on shopping and eating there.

11 thoughts on “Happy Chinese New Year! Part I: Celebrating the Day at Market Village & Pacific Mall

    • Yes, you do 😀 Then you can be closer to egg puff waffles and Chinese pastries and all that good stuff, hee. In all seriousness though, a lot of non-Chinese people my mum and I know say they like to shop at the supermarkets because of the wide variety of vegetables and cheaper prices. I won’t toot my horn and say that all Chinese establishments are great (some are definitely better than others), but you learn a lot and have a lot at your disposal to work with 🙂

    • I was so tempted to buy one. I mean c’mon, they’re pink and fuzzy and they’re holding a carrot! SO CUTE. But I have no room for more stuffed animals so I sadly had to walk away. And hahaha, Richard and I shared a baggie of candy today! 😀

  1. I have to admit, I kept checking the blog all day long waiting for this post to go up, just so I could delight in the awesomeness of it!

    [& the words “oh shit it was Chinese New Year and I didn’t eat Chinese!” came flying out of my mouth earlier. Without thinking, I had chinese [well what we americans pass as chinese, anyway] yesterday…. oops]

    But ahh, can’t wait to see the other two parts! And I still owe you a PM, too… I’m such the slacker lately and for no real good reason. 😦

    • Aww, Manda, you’re awesome 😀 Not gonna lie either, as soon as I got home all I could think of was, “I gotta get all these photos onto my computer!” Hahaha! And not to worry! Traditionally, my family and I have always celebrated new year’s the weekend after (unless it actually falls on the weekend) so there’s plenty of time for you to get some other good eats in!

      And take your time, no rush, I know you love me as I do you! ❤

    • Holy crap, honey. I thought you were going to share some with Robbie, hahaha! The gummies are the best. I loved my peach ones.

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