Check the Clock: It’s Sushi Time! Deb’s Favourite Spicy Tuna Rolls and Green Tea Cheesecake

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If you can believe it, the very first time I went to a sushi restaurant or bar was only 2 and a half years ago.  You’d think with all the layouts I post each week and how much I yammer on about rolls that I had been eating sushi for over a decade.  But nope, Sushi Time on Queen St. West was the first sushi place I had ever been to and I’ve been back about 4 times since because I had so much fun that very first time.  I know, what a monster I’ve become within that time period!  😀  However, that’s not to say that I had never eaten sushi before then.  I had been to a number of AYCE (all you can eat) places that served sushi with my family prior to that night, but there’s just so much variation between eateries that you’re bound to be introduced to new things every time you go, and it’s just a different feeling going out for a night on the town and going to a place you’d never been to before.

Going to Sushi Time was uber fun because it was a place of many “firsts” for me: the first time I had sushi pizza: crispy breaded sushi rice with thick slices of salmon sashimi draped over, chopped green onions, and a nice drizzling of mayo sauce!  And my favourite “firsts” from Sushi Time: amazingly yummy spicy tuna rolls and GREEN TEA CHEESECAKE!!!  *skips around the room with glee*  I’ve had spicy tuna many ways and I have to say that Sushi Time’s is my favourite and oh my goodness, the green tea cheesecake. 

Although a lot of sushi restaurants serve some desserts, I find that the dessert selection is rather limited and a sweet tooth like myself needs some sugar!  And Sushi Time delivers.  Some places serve ice cream in flavours like mango, vanilla, green tea, and red bean, others also offer mango pudding, tempura ice cream, or deep fried banana with ice cream.  And don’t get me wrong, I looooove ice cream.  But out of all the places I’ve been to thus far, Sushi Time is the only place that has green tea cheesecake (if someone can prove me wrong, please do, haha!)  and it is so fantastically delicious.  

Most of the time, I avoid ordering the same things when I go back to place; I just enjoy trying out different things off a menu.  But the cheesecake?  I can’t resist it.  I gotta have this sweet morsel of yumminess every time I go and each time is just as great as the last.  It’s a mesh of rich tangy cheesecake with a hint of herbalness and a well-rounded taste of powdery matcha all rolled into one.  It makes my heart melt ❤

And since we’re on the topic of firsts, here’s another one: the top layout, with the picture of the sushi pizza and the picture of me eating said green tea cheesecake, is the very first food scrapbook layout I ever did.  Yup! 😀  I’ve done countless holiday themed pages, friendship ones, art ones, and even a prom book before that.  But the layout you see at the top is my first foodie one and for that reason, very special and sentimental to me ❤


Sushi Time is located at 325 Queen St. West, in between University and Spadina Ave.  Situated east of Spadina, it’s just past McCaul St. on the south side of Queen.

Scrapbooking materials used: pale celery green, sky blue, and powder blue cardstock (DCVW); red, burgundy, and gray textured construction paper; cream cardstock with silver rosebud embossing (Curry’s Art Store Ltd.); red alphabet stickers (Recollections); silver alphabet stickers (Sticko); sushi stickers (Jolee’s), adhesive gems; 5-petal flower paper punch (ek success).

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