Weekly Feature: The Grad Lounge – Vegetarian Taco Salad

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Now here’s a meal with some serious crunch to it!  The vegetarian taco salad, available on the The Grad Lounge’s permanent menu, is full of fresh veggies and flavourful yummies.  I had this salad during the summer because I wanted something fresh and lighter than the usual pub fare, but I think it’s awesome for any time.  Romaine lettuce hearts, diced tomato, green bell pepper, and red onion, and shredded marble cheese all on top crunchy corn chips.  A vinegar dressing finishes off the dish, and it’s a really nice alternative to the heavier, starch-friendly meals when you don’t necessarily feel like downing a plate of rice or pasta.  And it’s colourful! 😀  *squee*  Fresh veggies are always great, but the corn chips really make this dish.  It has this yummy, salty crunchiness to it that complements the tamer taste of the romaine.  YUM!  Hopefully this salad brightens up your day, especially for everyone who had to deal with the pounding of snow today!  Stay safe everyone and I’ll see y’all tomorrow 😉


The Grad Lounge is located at 166 South Ross at the York University Keele Campus.  

One thought on “Weekly Feature: The Grad Lounge – Vegetarian Taco Salad

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