This Little Piggy Went to the (St.Lawrence) Market – Part I


I love food and I’m always hungry – so yes, I guess that makes me a little piggy, ha 😀  There is something so invigorating and inspiring about being at a market.  The hustle and bustle of people as they make their way from stall to stall, the freshness of fruits and vegetables, the achingly delicious smells of fresh bread and cookies, the beautiful unique knick knacks and jewelry…I can’t say enough about how much I love going to the market. 

Here in Toronto, the St. Lawrence Market is one of my favourites.  Located at the intersection of Front St.E and Lower Jarvis in one of the most historic neighbourhoods in Toronto (just west of The Distillery District, which is one of my favourite neighbourhoods EVER!), the market is a huge emporium of fresh meat and seafood, cheese, antipasto, baked goods, fruits and veggies, wine, chocolate, coffee and tea, and so much more.  The picture up top is from this past summer, but the ones posted below are from my most recent trip this past week!  This post is Part I of II, so enjoy the pictures and sit tight for tomorrow’s account of my adventures at the market!

3 thoughts on “This Little Piggy Went to the (St.Lawrence) Market – Part I

  1. Ahh, I can’t believe the prices on all your yummy goodies… soooo much cheaper than the stuff here! My so-called diet would definitely end up going straight to hell if I lived there, haha!

    • Oh I know, this is definitely somewhere you could eat on a budget. The other day I bought the bulk of my dinner for under $6! LOL, it’s like one big building of non-stop temptation! 😀 And I need to write back to you asap, it’s coming!

      • Must be so nice – here, ONE of those pastries would be roughly $2.75-3.50, let alone the price for 3 of them!

        Ha, yay! I will await your response, lol ❤ I may also send you a separate PM if I can manage to find enough time to get to work on a few crafty projects that are dancing around in my brain so I can pull your lovely artsy opinion on them! 🙂

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