A Winter ‘I Love You’


Winter can get horribly cold and “blah”, especially after the excitement from the holidays has worn off and you’re left with slushy gray snow and ho-hum weather.  But I like to find ways of brightening things up each day.  And nothing says “I love you” like cookies ^_^  You all know what a soft spot I have for both cookies AND adorable seasonal things, so there was no way I could pass up a pretty snowflake cookie like this one.  And a heart shaped sugar cookie outlined in blue icing, Richard’s favourite colour! 

No matter where I am, I always love scoping out sweet treats and I found these lovely morsels of gingerbread and sugar at the little Nortown Foods supermarket located inside the Promenade Shopping Centre (at the intersection of Bathurst and Centre St., Thornhill).  There was actually a really sweet blue frosted teddy bear cookie in the basket I saw yesterday but it was unfortunately gone when I went back for it this morning.  Oh poo, I was totally outsmarted by another cookie monster.  Oh well, I think these cookies get the “I love you” message across pretty well on their own 😀 


The Promenade Shopping Centre is located at 1 Promenade Circle at the intersection of Centre and Bathurst St. in Thornhill, Ontario.  Nortown Foods is nearest to the south end of the mall, closest to Sears and Pharma Plus on the lower level.   

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