Scrap Happy!


I hope everyone who celebrated Christmas yesterday had an amazing, fun, happy day!  I’m happily preparing myself for days and days of scrapbooking bliss and I’m realizing that after all this time (well, alright, it’s been less than a month, but since I started this blog!) I’ve never shown you all my stuff and how my little scrapping workshop rolls.  I like to think of myself as a little elf, churning out food pages all year long 😀

I really wish I had my own craft room to go bananas in, but I don’t so all my scrapbooking is relegated to the kitchen table and every scrapbooking stint of mine requires lots and lots of running, up and down the stairs, to fetch materials, and it’s ridiculous watching me do it because I’ll run up to my room for some stickers.  Then I’ll run back up for 3 more colours of cardstock.  And then another time for a paper punch.  And sometimes I will run up, get distracted, forget why I’m there, and go back to the kitchen without whatever it is I went upstairs for.  I’m a silly willy.

There's a method to my madness. I swear.

The goodies drawer! Stickers and ribbon and journalling tags and alphabets and, and…yeah.

I admit that I am totally anal with my scrapbooking habits.  I’ll make a hoopla of new pages and won’t put them into albums for ages.  I like it that way.  It makes me feel accomplished seeing a growing pile of new pages, ha!  I have a pile of pages that is currently sitting at over a foot tall that has yet to be organized and I just go on with my days, fa la la, in no real rush to tuck them into their respective plastic sleeves.  But when I do, does it ever feel awesome putting pages into an album, making it nice and full and fat! 😀 

The first 8×8 album I ever bought was 2 years ago at Winners/Homesense and I’ve never bought an album anywhere else.  Not Michael’s, not Wal-mart, not any other craft store.  Winners/Homesense is my holy grail for scrapbook albums because 1) they are CHEAP!  I’ve scored so many of these babies for around $5-$7 when they normally ring in at other places for well over $12, and 2) they are BEAUTIFUL.  I am absolutely obsessed with the brand DCWV (Die Cuts With a View) because they produce the most gorgeous albums and paper pads and I cannot get enough of them.  The stock at Winners/Homesense is constantly changing so sometimes I’m rewarded with new loot and sometimes I’m not, but I hunt these down like a vulture and it makes me so happy each time I snag a pretty one!

And speaking of DCVW, I am so giddy right now because I just scored myself a fabulous new pad of patterned cardstock from Michael’s today for over 50% off, OH MY LORDY!!  It helps that today is Boxing Day.  I got a sale on top of another sale, which allowed me to skipped out of the store with a yummy pad of paper that is so pretty it makes my heart all sorts of happy.  You’ll understand why:

The GREEN TEA STACK!!!! ❤  *bounces*  How perfect!  It’s like it was meant to be!  And before you get all, “hey, you don’t scrap in 12×12!” on me, this was a damn good deal and besides, I cut up my paper for multiple uses anyway.  Although I have a ton of existing pages and layouts I want to show you guys, I have a huuuuge backlog of photos (some of which I developed today) that haven’t been scrapbooked yet and I’m real excited to dig into some new stuff.  I take pictures faster than I can scrap them, but it’s kind of nice that way because I know I’ll always have new ways to get creative and there will always be something to make you all drool over, ha!  It’s going to be a fan-freakin’-tastic week of scrapping!  

2 thoughts on “Scrap Happy!

  1. holy smokes, you weren’t kidding when you said you had a TON of supplies! the stack has some gorgeous patterns and you got it for such a great price. Don’t beat yourself up too much over it; I think it was a great purchase!! xo

    • Ugh, I *do* have a lot of stuff, eek. It’s so much fun having pretty colours of things to work with and having a bunch of options at my disposal, exactly like your fabric stash, LOL! I could probably host a paper craft party and supply all the stuff myself, haha! And yeah, the cardstock stack = total win! 😀

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