Home Cooking: English Muffin Pizzas!


Me and English muffins are good friends.  Which is saying a lot because I would normally choose rice or pasta as my choice of starch over bread any day.  But English muffins and I get along very well.  Especially on cold days like the ones we’ve been experiencing lately, it’s very comforting toasting these little guys and slathering on some cream cheese or some fruity jam over top.  And admittedly, sausage McMuffins are a weakness of mine.  I don’t eat them often, but when I do, it makes me wiggly.

Little English muffin pizzas have to be one of the easiest things to make, and they’re cute and delicious to boot!  And best of all, you can be super creative with them and they’re great for a lunch, a snack, or a holiday party appetizer.  This one here is one of our family’s favourites: little deluxe pizzas! 🙂  We took our cue from some of the actual pizza pie toppings and used pepperoni, green bell pepper, button mushrooms, and shredded marble cheese.  A pack of English muffins normally come with 6 in them, which makes 12 little pizzas when cut in half.  We set the little muffins on a baking sheet with some aluminum foil (or parchment paper, whatever suits your fancy) and we set the oven (we use an electric range) to 300°F – 350°F and have them bake for about 8-10 minutes until all of the cheese is good and melted.  And voila, you’re done! 

The possibilities are seriously endless as we did a Hawaiian version too, with shredded marble cheese, thinly sliced ham, and pineapple.  Oh!  And we also made little pizzas with chicken strips, tomato, and basil flakes.  I cannot wait to make more of these and to try combinations like basil pesto with bocconcini or fresh mozzerella cheese and cherry tomatoes, or roasted red peppers with mushrooms and some provolone or gouda.  Mmmmm.

3 thoughts on “Home Cooking: English Muffin Pizzas!

    • LOL, and that one we threw together on a whim! We woke up on a Sunday morning and my mom and I were like, “eh, we got leftovers, let’s smack it together” and it worked out! 🙂

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