I Bite My Thumb at You – The Undoing of a Sushi Snob


I admit it: I’m a sushi snob.  I enjoy eating at sit-down places with nice atmosphere and cute plates and beautiful presentations of food (dude, how else do you explain my snap happiness??).  I love the excitement of going to an old-favourite and being  comforted by the people around me and the familiar menu, as well as new places I’ve never stepped foot in for that rush of anticipation just as your plate is set down before you.  And cucumber rolls?  Please, I am not paying whatever I’m paying to eat the least adventurous maki roll on the face of this earth.  However, when something tastes really good, it doesn’t matter where you’re eating it.  I can sit in a cave and be happy with the food that I love.  Point is, we all have our preferences for where we like to eat, what type of environment we like to eat in, and certain places and circumstances we swear  we won’t ever succumb ourselves to.  

Ask anyone: I’m very “meh” when it comes to sushi served in supermarkets and/or mall food courts.  Often, the rice is either too hard, too cold, or the ingredients inside are being buried alive by rice to the point where you might as well consider your meal a starch compenent to your day and nothing more.  But, but…the scrapbook pages show sushi from MAC Sushi and T&T!  That’s right, your sushi queen over here has been knocked down a peg and quite content about that, actually.  When you find something yummy, you hold on to it for dear life and what’s yummy are these rolls right here.  I’m spoiled because I have 3 T&T supermarkets that are fairly accessible to me and let me tell you from experience, if you want a lovely selection of sushi, GO TO THE T&T PROMENADE MALL LOCATION! (in Thornhill, intersection of Bathurst St. and Centre St.).  Don’t go too early though as they won’t be ready with everything; show up around noon-ish and you’ll be good to go. 

Remember how I said I love the way sushi places have different interpretations of their maki?  And how I’ve had tuna (spicy and non-spicy) about 6 different ways?  This is one of them.  T&T serves their spicy tuna in a set of 8 with chunks of tabago and green onions/scallions sprinkled on top.  It’s delicious and you’ll notice a difference in the rice as well as the tuna as the tobiko and spicy sauce is mixed in the tuna, rather than bring sprinkled or drizzled on top, for example.  And lordy, don’t get me started on how much I love the sunrise rolls.  Salmon sashimi makes me wiggle with delight and the sunrise roll consists of 6 salmon sashimi rolls (or roses as they’re sometimes referred to) with crab meat salad inside, as well as slivers of avocado and tabago on  top.  Like my scrapbook says, it is heaven in your mouth as the soft sashimi just melts in it.

And finally, we have the ever attractive Rainbow roll from MAC Sushi, Scarborough Town Centre location.  I thank the ceiling windows in the food court for allowing for at least half decent photos!  Avocado, cucumber, and crab meat (think California roll) surrounded by a cozy blanket of avocado and salmon sashimi.  Not too shabby at all, especially when you go closer to the evening rush when everything is marked down half price 😀 

Really, that’s part of the fun of exploring food: learning what works for you and what doesn’t, and growing as a person because of it.  Opening yourself up to things you wouldn’t normally eat, or to things you think you hate but end up loving at another time can honestly introduce you to some of the greatest eats of your life.


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